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    Welcome to my second guide for Payday 2 Heists

    This guide will be about the Jewelry Store Heist and will cover Stealth runs, Speed runs and Standard Runs.

    First lets take a look at the environment and other elements of the heist.

    One major factor for the heist (especially stealth runs) is the Hot Dog stand.


    Look to the right intersection after starting the heist to see if it is there. If you are attempting a solo stealth run and it did spawn, you may want to restart as it will become a major obstacle.

    Next you need to check the left alley (left side if you are looking at the store from the outside.) to see if there is a fence in the way.


    In this example, there is no fence blocking the alley from the street.

    Next you will want to check the front of the store for a wandering guard, from what I have seen it is a random spawn, but is more frequent on higher difficulties. (similar to the Hot Dog stand)


    Be sure to wait around to see if he is there as he can be in one of the back rooms for a while.
    Once you have that information, its time to move to the right alley.


    Once you are in the alley, be sure to check to a very large crate, it may be blocking some of the windows or it may be out of the way. It has three spawn locations, one in front of the windows for each of the back rooms and one behind the building (not blocking any windows).

    Here, it is blocking the windows the the room in the right alley, forcing an entrance from the other side.

    There WILL always be at least one guard in the alley(s) so be ready to answer a pager or force them to surrender.


    Before you decide on an entrance window, always check the room in the right alley for a safe. (if it is not blocked by the crate) It is optional but can have an addition bag of jewelry as well as some cash inside. (The safe can be seen through the windows of the room)


    The other room will probably have some civilians in it as well as have a guard or civilian roam into it on occasion, so be ready.


    This room also has a lot of instant cash items behind the glass (it can be broken without anyone hearing it in front based on my experiences)

    After this is the front of the store witch has about six civilians and eight bags of jewelry. This heist can be done in about 20 seconds with a speed run or much longer for a full fight with cops.

    Now, I will talk about executing the Heist. First will be an explanation of the Speed Run and how it works.

    The Speed Run requires normal difficulty on the heist (requires 4 bags of jewels). The general concept is to run into the store with your masks on, grab a bag of jewels for each person, and run out as fast as you can. The reason this works is because the civilians take more than 12 seconds to call for the police, by the time they call you already have your bags near the van and are ready to escape. It is a fast way to make cash, however it will not be a lot of cash earned.

    The Stealth run for jewelry store is a bit easier than the bank, but due to the random elements it can cause you to restart a few times just to get the right scenario.

    The Hot Dog cart is the first determining factor for the stealth run, if you are solo you will need to restart. If you have a partner however, have them stand in this location and be ready to take out the cops.


    This location will allow you or your partner to kill both cops fairly quickly once you begin to move into the lobby of the store.

    Next, you will need to check on the alley for the guards and large crate to see if it is blocking any windows. Don't forget to check the front of the store for a roaming guard.

    Now that you have the information you need, take out the guard(s) in the alley, try to get a surrender but kill them if you must. If there are two guards, they might be near each other and difficult to deal with wait to see if they split up before attempting to take them both out. Be sure to check by this car for a guard and make sure you get the pager(s).


    Next, you must enter the back of the store, I prefer to enter the room in the left alley that has people inside so they can't run away easily. Make sure you break the window furthest from the front of the lobby or they might hear you enter (sometimes they hear the close window sometimes they don't, I'm not quite sure why so play it safe)


    *This is the room I usually enter, I use the window on the left. just use your melee attack to break it and jump in.

    If you spotted a roaming guard, wait for him to enter the back room and get him there. Alternatively, you can run into the front of the store, kill the guard and control the civilians before you answer the pager. This is a bit riskier as a civilian walking down the sidewalk may see inside the store and go running while you answer the pager.


    *This is about where I stand when I control the civilians in the store, running in from the back of course.

    If you have a partner at the Hot Dog cart, have them mask up as you run to the front of the store, they should shoot the cops there then proceed to take care of civilians on the street. Keep in mind civilians can enter from both sides of the map, so be ready to shoot a civilian if you have to.

    Once the crowd is under control, cable tie who you can and gather the bags, remember to yell at them in between loading bags to keep them down. run the bags to the van and the money is yours.

    Finally is the Fighting approach, start by scouting out the crate, Hot Dog Cart and alley fence. Rush into the jewelry store and start throwing the bags toward the back rooms, take them toward the left backroom. You will be fighting to police in the alley and have the bags behind you.


    You will be fighting the cops from this corner, have the bags beside the dumpster and use the couch and car as cover. This location will force the guards into the alleys and force them into a line. There is also enough room here for your team to spread out to deal with special units. If the fence was blocking the left alley, they cops will stand on the other side and shoot but will not be able to advance toward you.

    You can throw the bags past the left fence once the assault wave ends. If you are good at maneuvering, you can jump on the dumpster by the fence and jump over it. Run the bags to the van and the money is yours.

    Thank you to everyone that provided me with information to this guide and that spent their time to read it. If you like this guide, please share it with others and/or leave a comment, it will be much appreciated.

    See my other Heist guides here any input for the guides will also be appreciated. Thank you
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    Have you done a full stealth mission? It's fun on this map.
  3. Insanity

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    it is but i prefer stealth on Bank heist, Its harder but more money and exp
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    Thanks for this guide. It really help me a lot as a beginner.
    Every time I hear this game I am so excited. Thanks for PayDay 2.

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