[MMORPG] Planetside 2 First Impressions

Discussion in 'Archives' started by Didi, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Didi

    Didi Well-Known Member

    So, it's been a few days, about 12h playing Planetside 2. Overall positive, nice revision of the first Planetside. Very little of the "dumbed down" feeling I was expecting, and the graphics are much nicer. Flying is much, much improved.

    A couple of problems I'm looking forward to Sony addressing:

    • shooting through walls: big problem. Some times of damage go through the walls.
    • latency issues: hard to put my finger on exactly what is going wrong, but the game just doesn't feel responsive. I keep overshooting and having to refine my mouse placement to put the cursor in on my target. Especially problematic in close-quarters combat.
    • latency issues (2): rubber banding. infrequent, but when it happens, it's massive.
    • graphics: overall great, but there is something subtly wrong with how the world pans around when you are mouse-looking. The worlds doesn't ever want to shift one pixel at a time, which leads to an odd stuttering effect.
    • marking targets: targets need to get well within visual range before they are marked as friend or foe. This should get fixed. If you can see it, you should be able to tell if you should shoot it.
    • stability: they've been having to take the servers down every day (several times Saturday, if I'm remembering correctly) to patch and tweak. This I expect will go away quickly.

    Players are still acting like uncoordinated doofuses sometimes, which I guess you can get with free-to-play games (remember those first F2P days in Team Fortress 2?). Some coordination, but I expect that will get better as outfits (guilds for WoW players, or corporations for Eve players) get up to speed. I have the feeling that, in about two months, if you're not part of a decent outfit, you're going to be part of the roadkill.
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