Post Yourself! And Other People Too... You Know, If You Want.

Discussion in 'Introducing: The people of Vault F4!' started by African Grey, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. Razer

    Razer Achievement Hunter Member from long ago...

    that's what happens when you take pictures in the public bathroom.

    (also, the COUNTED #2000 post)
  2. Hobbo

    Hobbo Achievement Hunter


    Here is me with a November beard (granted I started like a week before November) also I realize my room is bland but my imaginary friends don't like posters.
  3. lemon-cupcake

    lemon-cupcake Active Member


    I have no idea who would even remember me or not, but I used to play on the servers awhile ago, and I'm hoping to start up again (although I am using a temporary steam account at the moment!) So here, have a pic of me when I used to work at McD's. Obligatory duck face and all. Sassy duckface.
  4. Prosthetics

    Prosthetics Well-Known Member

    Textercist told me to post a pic of myself, so I selfshotted a pic, just for him.

  5. tigar

    tigar Achievement Hunter

    this is me :3
    Picture 8.jpg

    and this is my gf :3 and if you dont believe me i haz proof that she is :3
  6. VintagePC

    VintagePC GodModePC (One-man Show) VF4-S (Server Operator) Forum Operator Minecraft Operator Global Moderator Staff Member DMC Tester TF2L developer

    Well this is creepy... hobbo and prosthetics, you look very much like people I've seen/know, and yet you live nowhere near me. :S
  7. tigar

    tigar Achievement Hunter

    actually its just the light and some photo editing she does that to all her pics -.- idk why as without it she looks way more beautiful but ya :p and well there are a few people who look like me around the world and i know of 4 in the us so :p
  8. moo_d

    moo_d Well-Known Member

    I have the strange feeling that if I don't do this now, I will get hosed later.

    Here I am:

    This is from a rage moment for me.
  9. Iceh

    Iceh Official VF4 Matchmaker

    Tiger does your gf have a thick accent as well?
  10. tigar

    tigar Achievement Hunter

    depends on what words she says as she is originally from chile :3
  11. Iceh

    Iceh Official VF4 Matchmaker

    Snapshot_20121220.JPG Me this morning
  12. \V/†Only'sAngel

    \V/†Only'sAngel Well-Known Member

    Hey, my friends call me Angel. <3
    Nice to meet you guys. :p
  13. \V/†Only'sAngel

    \V/†Only'sAngel Well-Known Member

  14. theLumberJack

    theLumberJack Achievement Hunter Member from long ago...

    Me in my living room.
  15. Iceh

    Iceh Official VF4 Matchmaker

    O.O Its Ron Weazley From Harry Potter
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  16. \V/†Only'sAngel

    \V/†Only'sAngel Well-Known Member

    Ahaha! lmao Iceh lol
  17. Carcajou

    Carcajou Achievement Hunter

    o/ Angel!

    Yay more girls!!!! :)
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  18. \V/†Only'sAngel

    \V/†Only'sAngel Well-Known Member


    Hi,.Lmao! oh no! hahaha
  19. LavaRed

    LavaRed Community Manager VF4-S (Server Operator) Staff Member


    Yea, yea ,yea...working woman now!
  20. a camping donut

    a camping donut Well-Known Member

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