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    This is the README

    Pov-Record 2.0.5

    E-mail:[email protected]


    Client plugin for TF2 which starts recording PoV demos when tournament mode starts (both team set Ready flag) and stops
    recording when game ends (support user filename format see PREC.cfg ). Also it can save time of your kill streaks and set bookmarks to any moment in game. Time of streaks
    and bookmarks are logged to file (see prec_log). Also it can show SourceTV statistic (max, total and avg. clients)


    To install plugin just copy directory in archive to your "tf\custom" folder.

    Edit tf\custom\prec\addons\PREC.cfg to change plugin's sounds, phrase and settings.

    prec_show_stv_status (command) - Show current sourcetv status

    prec_tag - Custom tag (can be used in demo name format) (default "")

    prec_check_update - Check for updates on startup (default 1)

    prec_stv_status - Show SourceTV statistic after the match (default 1)

    0-print to console
    1-say to team chat (default)
    2-show on hud

    0-don't log
    1-log into killstreaks.txt (default)
    2-log separately for each demo.
    3-log separately for each map.

    prec_screens - Make screenshoots of scoreboard and status. (default 0)

    prec_delete_useless_demo - Delete demo files without bookmarks and killstreaks. (default 0)

    prec_min_streak - minimum amount of kills withour dying to save time of kill streak (default 4)

    prec_mark (command) - log bookmark. bind to some key in your config, for example: bind j "prec_mark"

    prec_next_demoname - set this var if you want change name of next recorded demo. (default "")

    0-turn off addon.
    1-record only curstomnamed demos.
    2-record all demos (with mp_tournament 1). (default)
    3-record all demos

    prec_min_streak - Minimum kill streak to log (default 4)

    prec_kill_delay - Max delay between kill's in KillStreaks (default 15)

    prec_dir - Directory to save demos (default "")

    prec_sound - Play sound when start/stop recording (1 - on (default) ,0 - off)

    prec_about (command) - Plugin Info

    prec_version - plugin version

    prec_delete_demo (command) - Delete previous recorded demo

    prec_record (command) - Record a demo.

    prec_info (command) - List of all commands.


    This software is distributed as is, without warranty of any kind. Use it at your own risk.
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