[FoF] Presenting new voice acting update and upcoming announcer feature.

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    Hey folks, we released yesterday a huge update to our character voices, those used for taunts, commands and the funny death rattles. I'll be explaining another upcoming voice related feature too: the announcer.

    New voice acting

    As you may know, we had the same cowboy voice repeated for vigilantes, desperados and rangers, but no more! The classic voices created by the voice actor Michael Phillips will only be used for desperados team from now on. Vigilantes and rangers get all new voices, both performed by voice actor Gianni Matragrano. Here's how they sound:

    Props to Gianni for his amazing work! There probably will be new voice acting for bandidos as well, as soon we find someone apt for this role. The idea is to recreate all their lines so we have all the set instead just the taunt ones as is now.

    Announcing the Announcer

    Another voice related feature I'd like to implement soon is an announcer. The idea is to make it optional and also offer several announcers to choose from. What would it announce may you ask... well, stuff like telling when warm-up ends, when playing time is near to be over, zone capture / control point related information for Teamplay games, when a new team is leading score in Break Bad mode, some player related events perhaps and more.

    Since this feature is still in early development we'll be using your feedback and suggestions. Do you want something special to be announced, maybe a special way to announce it? Lots of possibilities! please head over this thread to post your feedback.

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