Primal Carnage.

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by Iceh, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Iceh

    Iceh Official VF4 Matchmaker

    I got the game primal carnage its very odd and fun'ny'. I want to see if its better with friends does anyone else have it?
    Also what do people think of it?
  2. 13thforsworn

    13thforsworn Achievement Hunter

    Looks like a lot of fun. It only has one game mode currently, which is TDM, but I heard they're adding a new one called "Get to the Chopper", which is pretty much Left 4 Dead with Dinosaurs instead of zombies.
  3. CorruptDictator

    CorruptDictator I want a custom title, but I dont trust VintagePC

    I am on the fence about getting this one. It looks really fun, but I have a sinking feeling that a month from now no one will be playing it regardless of if it is fun or not.
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