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    Progress Quest is a throwback to classic MUD and text-based RPGs, boasting heaps of cutting-edge text-based graphics, hundreds of hours of play time, hundreds of quests, divided into at least 4 Acts, dozens of character races and classes, and tons and tons of enemies and gear available. The game is ridiculously complicated but the UI is incredibly simple, with a fully automated interface allowing for an extremely streamlined gameplay experience.

    I've put in roughly 20 hours on my main character. His name is Crebiev, and he is a Bastard Lunatic Dung Elf. I've reached level 9 and still have quite a way to go.

    The game manual can be found here:

    It's well worth a read *after* you start your game. It is 100% free and can be played either in a browser or downloaded to run on your desktop.

    Go forth! Kill Monsters! Level Up! Watch Progress Bars!
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    Progress Quest got me through a lot of papers in college.

    For those looking for something equally sarcastic but with a little more game:

    All the management of a dungeon crawler, none of the crawling :)
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