[FoF] Progress report, immediate plans, mapping contest proposal.

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    Hello there, this is my second (or third) post concerning development related things and general thoughts about Fistful of Frags on Steam, its present and future. This isn't just another game on Steam but a community based project which has been around for quite some time.

    If you followed the updates since release, focus was set on important fixes, map improvements, weapon balance or certain feature requests by the community. Not highly exciting stuff I guess, however it had to be done before getting into new content creation.

    More maps, not new game modes... yet.

    I said in a previous post that I'd like to implement a new game mode called 'Gang Standoff'. A week or so later I'm not so sure about this proposal. Seems like FoF had such a warm welcome in part due its lack of seriousness, so adding a rather competitive mode may not be the greatest idea right now. Let's give deathmatch some more time until some alternatives are brought to the table.

    There are only 4 official maps and I haven't seen many promising 3rd party maps yet. So I'd like to port some old FoF maps before committing time to a new game mode and everything that comes with it (lot of playtesting, debugging, etc). I also would like to add some additional features such as an end match panel to highlight player scores and some interesting stats.

    Would you donate for a level design contest?

    One of my concerns right now is getting more maps added, as I said. However I'm the only mapper and coder for this project at this moment, so you can't expect much from just one person. And I certainly need all the time I can get to code.

    Since I don't see many custom maps coming, perhaps a mapping contest featuring cash prizes could convince some people out there to map for FoF. I'd offer some small rewards to donors, as in-game cosmetic stuff. Top donors would be invited to judge the maps and choose their winners. All the money would go towards the prizes and well, now I need to know how many of you are interested before a more formal proposal is made. So how does it sound?

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