PS4 remote play app for Android 4.0+ (not just Sony devices!)

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    Just found this out. It's a relatively new app, only been out since about Mar. I love this app, can play my PS4 whenever I want.

    This app will let you remote play your PS4 from any Android device running 4.0 or later. You can play via WiFi or cellular data. Of course your results will vary upon your internet speed if you stream away from your home network.

    This app was developed for Sony devices only, but someone over at XDA created a mod to be able to use it on any Android device. It has 2 apps, one with on screen touch controls and one without any control overlay. You can use a DualShock 4 controller via bluetooth or direct plug in using OTG. If you use the touch screen controls, tapping in the top middle will activate the touch pad, double clicking it will register a click, tapping anywhere on the left side of the screen will activate the left stick, tapping anywhere on the right side will activate the right stick, and double tapping will activate clicking the L3 or R3 sticks.

    Sony has a Game Control Mount (GCM10) designed to be used on a DS4 controller and hold a Sony Xperia phone. It uses suction cup to hold the phone, so it may work on other phones. It retails about $40. There is also an offbrand mount for about $10 that holds devices up to 3.5" wide.

    Official Sony brand
    Nyko brand

    For all the info on this app go here:
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