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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Kalaharii, Dec 12, 2015.

  1. Kalaharii

    Kalaharii Noob

    When I first started playing Team Fortress 2 Classic, I found it really fun and enjoyable, and I still do. But when i get chastised for muting someone who is screaming racial slurs and What Does the Fox Say into their microphone at their lungs extent, It sort of ruins the fun. This mod is small as of right now so there are not as many servers that you can play on and find a server that is free of Mic Spammers and people who call you "Mutefags" . This is just a Suggestion, but, there should be some sort of servers that are run and moderated by the Team Fortress 2 Classic team that we can have fun and relax on. This defiantly wont fix the problem but it will definitely help.

    Thanks For Reading :)
  2. Thirteen

    Thirteen Well-Known Member

    We have servers but not many devs have enough free time to moderate a server and dev at the same time.

    We're looking into solutions and will keep everyone posted when we settle on what we feel is fair for everyone.
  3. Sac

    Sac Noob

    you probably would never have chastised for muting or use voice_enable 0 if you weren't so tactless and abrasive to announce it multiple times when you do. Learn to have manners and discretion and it never would have happened.
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