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Discussion in 'Minecraft /Sandbox' started by VintagePC, Sep 12, 2020.

  1. VintagePC

    VintagePC GodModePC (One-man Show) VF4-S (Server Operator) Forum Operator Minecraft Operator Global Moderator Staff Member DMC Tester Jailbreak Admin TF2L developer

    How To Apply:
    This is the official whitelist thread for the 1.16 PvE Minecraft server. The rules are re-posted below for reference.

    Here's how it will work: To get white-listed, there are three steps that may be completed in any order:

    1. You need to have an existing whitelisted member vouch for you in this thread.
    2. Reply in this thread and explicitly state that you have read the rules and agree to follow them.

    I realize that #1 is dependent on an existing list of whitelisted people, so here is what will happen:

    New members will need to have an established community member vouch for them before they are whitelisted. If you are not connected to anyone currently known, then we ask that you make yourself known - hang out in shoutbox, post some (quality) threads, say hi, etc.

    Hopefully that will be sufficient to get the whitelist vouch system rolling. If not, operators reserve the right to whitelist additional people as we feel necessary. We also reserve the right to deny whitelist applications if we feel it necessary as a result of someone's history.

    Rules and Info:

    We know our minecraft servers have had some issues in the past and we hope this iteration irons out most of those issues with regards to griefing, performance, and us having to micromanage everything.

    Below is an outline of the new rules and how things are going to work to keep it fun and friendly for all.

    1. Standard Vault Server rules on behaviour apply.
    2. PVP is off. Don't be a douche and steal/destroy stuff that might belong to someone. If it's labelled and NOT marked as abandoned (see #8.3) it belongs to someone.
    3. Label your shit. If it's a small outpost, workshop or storage hut... put a sign on it to distinguish it from autogenerated stuff. Same goes for your main base.
    4. Griefing damage is dealt with on a regional basis. That means no individual item refunds - we will select a cuboid region and roll it back, but we are NOT going to entertain extensive requests to roll back the contents of 30 chests scattered here and there throughout your base. Either the entire encompassing cuboid gets rolled back within the capacity/parameters of the rollback plugin, or nothing. That said, the plugin is rather flexible depending on the situation - so we'll do our best but no guarantees. Overall, we want you guys to be happy and have fun, but we refuse to be micromanaging the server/players 24/7 and having it sap all our time.
    5. Griefs should be reported within a reasonable time frame for action, esp. if restoration affects others. If you come back after 2-3 weeks of absence to find your house destroyed, we'll do what we can, but no guarantees.
    6. If the affected region also has somebody else's stuff too... you need to work it out with them (i.e. give them a chance to move stuff they don't want to lose out of the region to be rolled back).
    7. Whitelist by vouch only. To gain access you must be vouched for by an existing whitelisted player. Ergo, don't vouch for people you don't know well enough to say they won't cause problems. Established community members may apply without a vouch initially, just to get this list started. Keep it reasonable - you can vouch for 1 or 2 friends at a time but we will likely not consider requests to have 10 friends whitelisted at once. Start with one or two and once they're established regulars you can vouch for some more.
      1. Preventing friend of a friend griefs: New admittees can't vouch for others until they are a reasonably-well known community member (i.e. they play regularly and have made some friends with the existing regulars)
    8. Try to keep our server resources in mind when building. If you plan on spending 4 days journeying 23,487 miles from spawn, then please don't make our map unmanageable and go play single player. Sure be 200-300 blocks away from the next guy, but if nobody can make it to your house to visit, then why are you playing on a multiplayer server?
      1. Land claims/how close is too close. (You can build a 50x50 wall (with signs) around your shit. If you want more than that... finish your 50x50 first. (i.e. no claiming massive chunks of land for a mega-base that you may never end up finishing.)
      2. Player spacing: Be respectful of others. Before you move in, talk to them and come to an arrangement about how far they want to expand vs. where you plan to build. Both sides are expected to be reasonable and accommodating BUT if a dispute ensues the following rule will be enforced: Allow a MINIMUM of 50 blocks between the edge of your desired area and that of a neighbour. We feel this is reasonable to allow for expansion but countermand land hoarding.
      3. Unless otherwise arranged, after 30 days of absence operators (and operators only) reserve the right to publicly declare your property abandoned. Abandoned property is free for raiding and/or squatting. This does not mean it becomes abandoned at 30 days and 0.00001 seconds automatically. We will still evaluate it on a case-by-case basis. 30 days is simply a written deadline we feel is reasonable.
    9. Vouching punishments to reflect the incident level:
      1. Vouch for a griefer, your vouching right is revoked.
      2. If someone you vouch for causes minor problems: temporary revoke.
      3. If someone you vouch for completely trashes the server... you could well be banned yourself.
      4. At the very least, stop and think about who you are vouching for.
    10. No free teleports and stuff. (This kinda falls under micromanaging but lava wants to say so explicitly)
  2. BlackDreeming

    BlackDreeming Not a Noob

    Yo, I've read the rules and I agree to follow them. Dunno who's gonna vouch for me since I haven't played online in years but it is what it is
  3. VintagePC

    VintagePC GodModePC (One-man Show) VF4-S (Server Operator) Forum Operator Minecraft Operator Global Moderator Staff Member DMC Tester Jailbreak Admin TF2L developer

    I've got you covered, I know who you are ;)

    You've been whitelisted!
  4. LavaRed

    LavaRed Community Manager Staff Member

    Ascuse me sir....lavared reporting for duty!
  5. VintagePC

    VintagePC GodModePC (One-man Show) VF4-S (Server Operator) Forum Operator Minecraft Operator Global Moderator Staff Member DMC Tester Jailbreak Admin TF2L developer

    Sorry, you need someone to vouch for you.
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