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Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by NameIsName, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. NameIsName

    NameIsName Achievement Hunter

    As the title states, this is a recruitment for all of you people who want to play some highlander, but do not have a lot of experience. Our whole point in making this team is to get people familiar with the competitive aspects of Team Fortress 2. Highlander is a 9 versus 9 game in which there is 1 person of each class. We will study and understand our classes and work on playing together as a team.

    We will be in the 'Iron' league, so if you have played on a team in a previous season, in a higher division, we might pick somebody who hasn't over you.

    The season will start some time Mid - Late January. This means we will need to come up with a team soon, so we can make it in time for the season to start. Depending on the amount of sign ups, we are aiming to have our first 'Practice' in approximately 2 weeks from now (around Christmas time). This is a good time because a lot of people are off for Christmas break etc.

    Gorshin and myself (NameIsName) are going to be the coaches for this team. Gorshin will be running through map layouts and strategies as we progress through the season. My job is to make sure we have scheduled matches and Scrims, and we have a server to play on if needed.

    Each week we will decide a day to get together to go over the map of the week.

    In order to sign up, we ask that you include...


    -Steam Name:
    -Steam profile linked somewhere in the post, on tag, etc:
    - Class Preferred:
    -Class to play if spot is taken:
    -Comments and Concerns:


    We will be closing classes if there are too many sign-ups of one class.

    Again, depending on the amount of sign ups, classes will be closed. Sadly, Demoman and Spy will both be closed to start off, as those are the 2 classes Gorshin and I play. There will be backups open for all classes. Backups are self-explanatory. OPEN = Open for a main "" = Backups for the class.

    Scout- Lynx ""
    Soldier- Deskmice ""
    Pyro- Porkchop ""
    Demoman - Gorshin ""
    Heavy- Fancy ""
    Engineer- Bowlcuts ""
    Medic- WillyG ""
    Sniper- Devalo ""
    Spy- NameIsName ""

    Highlander games take place on MONDAYS AT 9:30 EST! Game start at 9:45! We expect you to be in the server at 9:00 going over Strats. If MONDAY at 9:30 EST is a bad time for you, please mention that in your signup. If that is the case, you will most likely not be selected as a main for that class. Sorry!

    This post will be updated as more information gets gathered.

    Thanks you all!
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  2. Devalo

    Devalo Not a Noob

    -Steam Name: Devalo
    -Steam profile linked somewhere in the post, on tag, etc:

    - Class Preferred: Pyro
    -Class to play if spot is taken: Sniper
    -Comments and Concerns: Im new :> pls dont hurt
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  3. █Desethrin█

    █Desethrin█ Not a Noob

    -Steam Name:█Desethrin█
    -Steam profile linked somewhere in the post, on tag, etc:
    - Class Preferred:Scout
    -Class to play if spot is taken:Soldier
    -Comments and Concerns: Any password that I need to know to get in? If so should I add you?
  4. Porkchop

    Porkchop Well-Known Member

    Porkchop_Master (DONT ASK) The class I would like to play as is HEAVY, but if need by just like last year i can play PYRO If there is anything i can do to help out, just let me know (except map strat.) -Pork
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  5. NameIsName

    NameIsName Achievement Hunter

    I invited you to Vf4's pug group. If you don't know what a pug is, it is a "pick up game" where a bunch of people get together and play and have fun. I will private message you the mumble information etc.
  6. NameIsName

    NameIsName Achievement Hunter

    Thank you pork :).
  7. Porkchop

    Porkchop Well-Known Member

    No problem pally, cant wait for the new season! :D
  8. Rokky

    Rokky Active Member

  9. WizBright

    WizBright Achievement Hunter

    I am Wiz and I support this thread. Thanks for making it Name <3 :3
  10. Lynx

    Lynx Noob

    i am interested to play as scout during the highlander season I can do other classes but that can be discussed, i have subed for the team before so i have a little bit of experience within this
  11. Kentros

    Kentros Active Member

    -Steam Name: Kentros
    -Steam profile linked somewhere in the post, on tag, etc:
    - Class Preferred: Pyro
    -Class to play if spot is taken: Soldier
    -Comments and Concerns: I want to be a sub for these classes. I also have played some with Desk, Pork, and Lynx
  12. deskmice

    deskmice Well-Known Member

    You have played with me? I don't remember you
  13. Swaghetti

    Swaghetti Not a Noob

  14. Bowlcuts

    Bowlcuts Well-Known Member

    Everyone remember, tryouts are tomorrow. Have a working mic and mumble. I wish everyone luck :D
  15. Porkchop

    Porkchop Well-Known Member

    its crazyese Desk...
  16. Kentros

    Kentros Active Member

    I changed my name from crazyese to kentros. I played a little TF2 and I also was on terraria.
  17. Gorshin07

    Gorshin07 Well-Known Member

    Hey Folks tonight is our first meeting. If you have any questions or have trouble getting into mumble, the server you can message and add me. My steam name is [VF4] Gorshin07 . Tonight we are gonna have a quick meeting and discuss classes/tryouts/highlander basics. After that we are gonna scrim another highlander team and then the meeting will be over. But if you guys wanna pub with us or ask us questions afterward I can stick around for that. See you tonight!
  18. NameIsName

    NameIsName Achievement Hunter

    Since I am unable to edit the post, I'd just like to point out that our roster has all it's mains but please we still need backups!
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