Replacement for the Medic Shotgun

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Mljs, Jan 17, 2016.

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    I noticed that the medic shotgun was gone out of the medics arsenal as of the last update (not sure if this is just me or what), because of this I started to think about what changes they could do to the shotgun for it to be a nice medic primary. This made me start thinking about what made the Crusaders Crossbow so great and why everyone uses it and in my opinion it is the possibility of being able to hit your enemy or heal your friends from afar. So the next best thing that I think could be done with the Medic in TF2C is to give him the spy's revolver so that the medic has a alternate long range but less damage option. Now for the shotgun, the changes that I think could be made to it to become a nice medic primary would be to re-purpose it to be a burst healing rescue ranger like gun, my first though with this idea was that this could be abused like the over healer was and it could become a quickly deleted item, however I started thinking of ways to balance it such as lowering the damage so that the medic is more vulnerable, or making the weapon have a 60% slower reload time in comparison to the normal shotgun.

    So in summery I am proposing that:
    The medic can use the spy's revolver as a primary weapon
    The medic's shotgun becomes a rescue ranger esk shotgun that has been re-purposed to be a healing item, but has very counter-able downsides. :)
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    Medic had a Shotgun?
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