Sanctum 2 giveaway!

Discussion in 'News/Announcements' started by lonesome killer, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. Link

    Link Noob

    Cool, I loved the first one. Need to play it more though...
  2. Ocremaro

    Ocremaro Noob

    (O.F.F.G)Ocremaro wants his copy of sanctum 2
  3. Helix

    Helix Not a Noob

    Have Sanctum 1 but not Sanctum 2............Let's hopefully fix that.
  4. icyshowerz

    icyshowerz Noob

    good luck everyone and i hope that person who wins enjoys the game
  5. I think it's pretty obvious that everyone wants Sanctum 2 :D
  6. Lemongrab

    Lemongrab Noob


    jk, but i want to win
  7. CorruptDictator

    CorruptDictator I want a custom title, but I dont trust VintagePC


    That is all.
  8. FaxLim

    FaxLim Noob

    I would be happy when get this game ;) FaxLim
  9. Cap

    Cap Noob

  10. Archyre

    Archyre Noob

    thanks for giving the chance to get sanctum 2
  11. Enter Me in this. I hope I get a chance to play Sanctum
  12. Loved the fist one and have wanted the second one since it came out
  13. dj35353

    dj35353 Noob

    I'm hoping to win this but probably wont it would be cool to get a free game!
  14. Sanctum 2 for free Is good
  15. I made this account just for this, so bah.

    GG to everyone who isn't going to win!
  16. Shawn

    Shawn Noob

    book want sanctum 2
  17. Insanehamaker Wants Some Sanctum 2
  18. Lpphoenix2000

    Lpphoenix2000 Not a Noob

    hope i win good luck all:Blackalien
  19. Lpphoenix2000

    Lpphoenix2000 Not a Noob

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