Sanctum 2 giveaway!

Discussion in 'News/Announcements' started by lonesome killer, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. Zer0X

    Zer0X Noob

    I want it!
  2. majorZero

    majorZero Noob

    majorZero would appreciate this game. Looks fantastic :D
    Thanks for the contest guys!
  3. hiob9

    hiob9 Noob

    Hello. It would be nice to win this game :). Farewell.
  4. HINK_DZ

    HINK_DZ Noob

  5. I hope i win!
  6. RATT

    RATT Noob

    SANCTUM 2 PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  7. Jakexbox

    Jakexbox Noob

    Please Enter me :)
  8. Lasse

    Lasse Not a Noob

    I L:inloveVE SANCTUM I WANT NUMBER 2 :slap
  9. Charmander

    Charmander Noob

    Char CHAAARRR charrmander!Google Translate: I want the game :3 Bing Translate: I'm allergic to pork
  10. i'd like to win this game, i could expand my library a little
  11. Workster

    Workster Not a Noob

    I'd really love to win Sanctum 2.
  12. This guys wants it, or at least try to get it. Hue.
  13. Yooooo, I want the bloody thing :D Sanctum 2 :D
  14. Hy, hey give me that game, plss *-*
  15. Arkain7th

    Arkain7th Not a Noob

    I never tried playing Sanctum or Sanctum 2 but I always wanted to. =D
  16. Leon

    Leon Noob

    Hope i get lucky and get this one :D
  17. PLEASE choose me all my friends have it andi want to play it with them please:(
  18. Hoping to get some sanctum! :)
  19. Thanks for the chance. :)
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