[TF2] Scream Fortress VII is Here!

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    Every Halloween for the last six years we’ve guaranteed you that this year’s update will absolutely, for sure, 100% scare you to death. Since you’re reading this and apparently still have access to the mortal internet, those promises to kill you obviously didn’t pan out the way we’d all hoped. So this year we’ve decided to go for broke. Instead of creating one really scary but, let’s face it, non-lethal game mode, we’re resurrecting ALL our previous modes and tossing you into them AT ONCE! If you survive this year’s grim gauntlet of terrors past, then, honestly, we don’t know what to tell you. You’re some kind of unkillable, inhuman monster and it was unfair of you to expect us to scare you to death in the first place. For everyone else, though, make sure to savor clicking this link to the update page, because it will be the last link you ever click!

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