[Completed] Shotumn's Game Administrator Application

Discussion in 'Community Applications' started by Shotumn, Aug 4, 2022.

  1. Shotumn

    Shotumn Gameserver Admin Trainee VF4-T (Admin-in-Training) Staff Member VF4 Supporter

    In Game Name: Shotumn

    Age: - 18

    Have you linked your steam account to the forum?: Yes.

    HLStats Profile Link: https://hlx.vaultf4.com/hlstats.php?mode=playerinfo&player=115773

    Time with Vault F4: Early June.

    Position you are applying for: TF2C Game Administrator

    Reason(s) you want to be admin/Moderator: I truly believe I should be a Mod because I am an organized, mature, and helpful. I have had a look at the 'Administrator Log' (https://www.vaultf4.com/pages/admin-check/) and I feel a sense of duty from the amount of the regulars I have met in the VaultF4 game servers. I have had encounters with the good, the bad, and the ugly. Keeping the servers in good spirit is my goal.

    Anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself?: I have slightly less than a decade of moderation experience, starting from a few years in Garry's Mod servers, including TTT and DarkRP, to being a former Discord server owner and moderator on a Roblox game with 350+ million visits (if need be, I can show evidence). I have the experience, maturity, and a lot of free time to fulfill and tasks needed to be carried out. I am almost certainly online Mon-Fri 12:30 PM-4:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST) in-game.

    I understand that by creating this thread and signing my name, that I am applying to Volunteer my time with Vault F4 in either a Moderator or Game Administrator role. As a Moderator I would be in charge of content creation, and post moderation of my section of the forums. As a Game Server admin I would be responsible for keeping the game servers a fun environment. I will spend at least an hour of my time each week on the servers to retain my position as a Game Server Admin with Vault F4, and if I do not meet the requirement my admin status will be revoked.

    Signed: ~Shotumn
  2. VintagePC

    VintagePC GodModePC VF4-S (Server Operator) Forum Operator Minecraft Operator Global Moderator Staff Member DMC Tester TF2L developer

    Thanks for your application! It's been received and we will review it and let you know, typically after 48 hours.
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