[The Elder Scrolls] Skyrim Marriage Guide And Benefits

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    The key to marriage in Skyrim is the Amulet of Mara. This pendant is a way of showing that you're 'available', and wearing it will give you the option to propose to an NPC.

    But before the option becomes available, you'll have to complete the following steps...

    • First, find an Amulet of Mara. These drop as loot occasionally, but the easiest way to get one is to visit the Temple of Mara in Whiterun and talk to the priest, Maramal.
    • Buy the amulet for 200 gold, then talk to Maramal about Skyrim's marriage traditions. You'll have to complete this dialogue tree to be able to proposition someone.
    • Now find someone you want to marry You'll need to be friendly with them first - by completing certain quests, or favours they ask of you. Here are a few suggestions...

    Aela the Huntress
    • Location: Whiterun
    • Sex: Female (Nord)
    • Marriage conditions: Complete the Companions questline
    Camilla Valerius
    • Location: Riverwood
    • Sex: Female (Imperial)
    • Marriage conditions: Complete 'The Golden Claw'

    Erik the Slayer

    • Location: Rorikstead
    • Sex: Male (Nord)
    • Marriage conditions: Complete his favour then hire him


    • Location: Dragonsreach/Breezehome
    • Sex: Female (Nord)
    • Marriage conditions: Become Thane of Whiterun

    Uthgerd the Unbroken

    • Location: Whiterun (Bannered Mare)
    • Sex: Female (Nord)
    • Marriage conditions: Challenge her to a brawl and win

    Angrenor Once-Honored

    • Location: Windhelm (Candlehearth Hall)
    • Sex: Male (Nord)
    • Marriage conditions: Give him a gold piece
    There are many more NPCs you can marry, of all sexes, races and ages. You'll know they're available for marriage if there's a dialogue option along the lines of: "Are you interested in me?"

    • When the NPC accepts, travel to the Temple of Mara and talk to Maramal again. Wait 24 hours, then meet your spouse-to-be at the altar. You can back out at the last minute, ruining your chances with them forever, or go through with it. When the ceremony is complete you'll receive an enchanted wedding ring.
    • Talk to your spouse. If you own a house, you can make that your marital home. If not, you'll use their house instead. Your wife/husband will then make their own way back to your/their house and will be waiting for you next time you visit.

    The benefits of married life
    As well as earning an achievement/trophy, getting married in Skyrim has a few nice perks.

    • Your spouse will become a merchant of sorts. Talk to them once a day and ask "Has the store made any money?" and they'll give you 100 gold. This accumulates, so leave it for a few in-game weeks and you'll get a nice amount of coin.
    • Sleeping next to your spouse (your bed will also be 'owned' by them), gives you a bonus called 'Lover's Comfort'. This increases the speed of all ability upgrades by 15% for eight hours. This is the same effect as the Lover Stone.
    • Once a day, your spouse will cook you a meal. Talk to them and ask "Could you cook something for me?" This will appear in your inventory as 'home cooked meal' and will give you a health, magicka and stamina boost for a limited time.
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