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    Disclaimer: If you have issues with tips and guides and prefer to figure it out on your own, don't read it.

    It's not a complete list but it's damn useful.

    Corundum Ore can be found at:
    • Greywater Grotto, South Southwest of Helgen
    • Goldenrock mine at Darkwater Crossing, west of Mist watch.
    • Halted Stream Camp, left of the Transmute Spell Tome.
    • Pinepeak Cavern, north of Ivarstead.
    • Along the mountain edge north of Shor's Stone.
    • Eldergleam Sanctuary, on one of the edges
    • Broken Helm Hollow, east of Riften. when inside all to the back there's a chain pull it and there it is. 1 vein in main chamber.
    • Up in the mountains south of Hlaalu Farm and southeast of Brandy-Mug farm.
    • Northeast of Cragwallow Slope. At the mountainside on a rock underneath a pinetree.
    • Nchuand-Zel Excavation Site, in Markarth

    Ebony Ore can be found at:
    • Redbelly Mine, North of Riften
    • Mzulft, Southeast of Windhelm
    • Gloombound Mine, East of Windhelm
    • Throat of the World, Very top of the mountain

    Iron Ore can be found at:
    • Embershard Mine, located southeast of Riverwood.
    • Half-Moon Mill, north of Falkreath
    • Left Hand Mine, just southeast of Markarth.
    • Fort Fellhammer, south of Dawnstar .
    • Rockwallow Mine, East of Morthal
    • Halted Stream Camp, north of Whiterun.
    • Northwind Mine, southeast of Mist watch.
    • Iron-Breaker Mine, southeast in Dawnstar.
    • Saarthal
    • Whistling Mine, southeast of Winterhold.
    • 2 veins south-west of Sarethi Farm.
    • Southeast of Hollyfrost Farm near Windhelm - another can be found going further south up in the mountains, the ore being east of an unmarked hunting camp.
    • Northwest of Narzulbur, behind some rocks.
    • Southeast of Cragwallow Slope.
    • Traitor's Post. Follow the road going southwest.
    • Souteast of Riverside Shack. South of Windhelm.
    • Not far north of Eldergleam Sanctuary.
    • A bit southwest of Rorikstead. Another can be found just north of Rorikstead.
    • South Cold Rock Pass. Just to the right of the cave intrance.

    Moonstone Ore can be found at:
    • Mzulft, Southeast of Windhelm
    • Stony Creek Cave, Southeast of Windhelm
    • Soljund's Sinkhole, Southwest of Rorikstead

    Orichalcum Ore can be found at:
    • Bilegulch Mine, Southwest of Fort Sungard
    • On the southwestern side of the mountain on which Bonestrewn Crest is situated.

    Quicksilver Ore can be found at:
    • Quicksilver Mine, Northwest in Dawnstar

    Silver Ore can be found at:
    • The Bloodlet Throne, past the throne room.
    • When coming out of Markarth, cross the bridge and turn left up a hill where there should be some half dead trees, there will be a Silver Veil connected to the rock.
    • By Stendarr's Beacon east of Riften
    • Frostmere Crypt, just before Frostmere Depths
    • A small distance south from an unmarked hunting camp, south of Hollyfrost Farm near Windhelm
    • Along the path to the Throat of the World

    Malachite Ore can be found at:
    • The Throat of the World (Top)
    • Steamscorch Mine, near Kynesgrove

    Gold Ore can be found at:
    • Kolskeggr Mine, South of the Lover Stone near Markarth
    • Lost Prospect Mine, East of Rifton North of the mountains. In the cave all the ore is located behind the waterfall.
    • Greywater Grotto, South south west of Helgen on the map.
    • Greenspring Hallow. To the southeast near the water.
    • Fort Neugrad. Access through the Prison basement, across lake to the left.
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    nice wiki, but im a mage and dont have interest in smitting
    buy i want to make another class for a second walktrough
    somehitng like a warrior and this would be very usefull for armors
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