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    Vulcan emerges from his workshop: The gods re-equip.


    Ability Makeover: Vulcan

    • General
    • New loading screen card.
    • Backfire
    • The backward dash movement on this device has been re-enabled. It will also now slide against angled walls and surfaces, rather than come to a complete stop. Note: The movement now acts like a traditional dash. He will no longer have invulnerability frames, or lose the point in Domination while moving.
    • Inferno Cannon
    • The tooltip now indicates that this turret takes 50% additional damage from non-god sources.
    • The Inferno Cannon’s current target will also now have a targeting beam drawn to them, similar to those of Towers
    • New #3 - Magma Bomb
    • Vulcan returned to the workshop and re-emerged with a new gadget. His Thumper XVI has been replaced with the Magma Bomb. The Magma Bomb is a ground target projectile that explodes on impact, damaging nearby enemies, dealing magical damage, and stunning and knocking back enemies within the explosion radius.
    • Volcanic Overdrive
    • The bonus protections have been removed and replaced with 30% damage reduction across all ranks.
    • This ability now also grants CC immunity while active.
    • Misc:
    • Vulcan received some visual FX upgrades to his melee attacks and other miscellaneous areas
    • Vulcan should no longer play his intro animation twice/

    New Skins:

    • Golden Chronos
    • Golden Ares
    • Golden Athena


    • He Bo’s voice has been updated.


    • The free god rotation is now Cupid, Ao Kuang, Thanatos, Sun Wukong, and Ares.
    • Implemented a possible fix to an intermittent issue in which players would load into a map without any devices or abilities.
    • Fixed an issue in Assault where towers range did not align properly with the ground indicator.
    • Fixed an issue in Conquest in which players could ping far outside of the map.
    • Fixed an issue in Joust in which jungle camp help volumes displayed the wrong information.
    • Wards should once again have a visible preview mesh in the targeter when being placed
    • Wards are now team colored (red for enemy, blue for friendly).
    • Protected Recall and Aegis can no longer be used simultaneously.
    • Fixed a bug in which the end of match lobby was showing different stats than the in-match scoreboard.
    • Fixed a chat-related crash condition


    • In Assisted mode, the camera height is now locked. Director mode however still allows for up/down camera movement.
    • Spectator minimap opacity is now set to 50% at all times.


    • Added new loading screen frames to show League status.


    • Frostbound Amulet
    • Reworded tooltip to be more clear that the slow only affects enemies damaged by your abilities
    • Frostbound Hammer
    • Reworded tooltip to be more clear that the slow only affects enemies damaged by your basic attacks
    • Fist of the Gods
    • Cooldown increased from 60s to 90s.
    • No longer grants the 10% instant kill on Fire Giant and Gold Fury that the Hand of the Gods ranks do.
    • Teleport to Towers
    • Ranks 1 and 2 of this item will now properly be interrupted on damage taken, and also fixed an issue where hard crowd control was NOT interrupting.


    • Ah Muzen Cab
    • Bees!
    • Reduced damage from 10 per tick to 5 per tick.
    • Reduced physical power scaling from 15% to 5%.
    • Bees cannot spread from minions to gods.
    • Hive
    • Reduced the maximum number of deployed hives from 8 to 4.
    • Increased the cooldown from 8s to 16s.
    • Aphrodite
    • Back Off!
    • This ability will no longer originate from Soul Mates, instead always originating from Aphrodite herself for damage and knockback.
    • Arachne
    • Tangled Web
    • The ground target for this ability should now highlight eligible targets
    • Cocoon
    • Increased stun duration from 1s to 1.5s
    • Increased projectile width from 3 to 5 ft
    • Ares
    • Bolster Defenses
    • Aura protections granted increased from 10/15/20/25/30 to 20/25/30/35/40
    • Shackles
    • The Shackle damage and cripple is now removed from targets when he dies.
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes firing another Shackle wouldn’t actually fire.
    • Successive Shackles after the first can now be fired at twice the previous rate.
    • The ground target now properly highlights only one god at a time.
    • Athena
    • Defender of Olypmus
    • Reduced damage from 350/500/650/800/950 +100% of your magical power to 350/450/550/650/750 +90% of your magical scaling.
    • Reduced allied damage mitigation from 25% to 20%.
    • Bakasura
    • Eat Minion
    • Minor animation adjustments.
    • Bastet
    • Open Wound
    • Additional damage against wounded targets increased from 15% to 20%
    • Chang’e
    • Moonlit Waltz
    • The evasion now occurs 0.1s earlier to better match the animation
    • Moonflower Dance
    • Now also deals 50/80/110/140/170 (+30% of magical power) magical damage to enemies within range
    • The bonus healing to Chang’e for healing teammates has been removed
    • Chronos:
    • Accelerate
    • Increased cooldown from 15s to 17s.
    • Decreased attack speed bonus from 20/25/30/35/40 to 15/20/25/30/35.
    • Cupid
    • Heart Bomb
    • Cooldown reduced from 12 to 10s
    • Flutter
    • Attack Speed increased from 5/10/15/20/25% to 10/15/20/25/30%

    • Fenrir
    • General
    • Added new basic attack hit fx.
    • Brutalize
    • Addressed issues with him leaping and getting stuck in map walls sending him up into the sky.
    • Ragnarok
    • Addressed an issue where sometimes he would shrink and end up stuck in a map wall.
    • Freya
    • Banish
    • Now interrupts Teleport to Towers.
    • Valkyrie’s Discretion
    • Reduced magical scaling from 45% to 35%.
    • The ground target for this ability should now highlight eligible targets
    • He Bo
    • General
    • Modified Default Voice Recordings
    • Removed the two water spout animations during recall to avoid confusing players.
    • Mercury
    • Made you look
    • Now applies damage to all targets instantaneously. Note: This means golden bow will now only proc once per enemy hit by the ability, rather than a potentially unlimited number of times.
    • Special Delivery
    • Fixed an issue where targets would continue to be tossed if Mercury was silenced while spinning around the target.
    • Sonic Boom
    • Reduced physical damage scaling from 120% to 100%.
    • Odin
    • Odin’s Shout
    • This ability now also grants Odin an additional 5/10/15/20/25 Physical Power passively
    • Duration of the attack speed buff decreased from 7s to 5s
    • Sobek
    • General
    • High Seas skin turned the lifetime of the mist particles to 1s down from 3s.
    • Thanatos
    • Harvester of Souls
    • Now correctly indicates that this also grants 5s Cooldown Reduction when delivering the killing blow to enemy gods
    • Death Scythe
    • Adjusted the projectile FX to better fit the collision radius of the projectile
    • Tyr
    • Fearless
    • Fixed a spelling error in the tooltip
    • Vamana
    • Colossal Fury
    • The health regeneration while in giant form increased from 3% per second to 5%
    • HUD now properly reflects what can and cannot be used during ability.
    • Re-addressed him visually being stuck in big form. (hopefully fixed now)
    • Ymir
    • General
    • New loading screen card.
    • Zeus
    • General
    • New loading screen card.
    • Detonate Charge
    • Reduced the magical damage scaling from 25% to 20%.
    • Aegis Shield
    • Movement speed bonus changed from 25% to 10/15/20/25/30% per rank.
    • Zhong Kui
    • Demon Bag
    • Bonus protections granted for each captured demon reduced from 3 per demon to 2
    • Recall Demons
    • This ability will no longer heal allied players
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