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    New God: Chronos

    1. PASSIVE - Wheel of Time
    1. The wheel of time is always spinning and for Chronos, it is no different. Depending on where the wheel is when activating Accelerate, it provides a different benefit to Chronos.
    1. Section I = +20% Magical Lifesteal
    2. Section II = 75% Mana Refund On Abilities
    3. Section III = +20% Magical Power
    4. Section IV = +35% Magical Power Contribution to Basic Attacks
    1. Time Rift
    1. Chronos creates a rift in time, dealing 80/125/170/215/260 (+85% of your magical power) magical damage to all enemies in the area. Cost - 50/55/60/65/70 mana. Cooldown - 5s.
    1. Accelerate
    1. Chronos accelerates himself over time, allowing him to progressively move 10/15/20/25/30% faster for 8 seconds. While active, his attack speed is increased by 20/25/30/35/40% and he is not affected by the attacking movement speed debuff. This ability also stops the Wheel of Time. Cost - 70/75/80/85/90 mana. Cooldown - 15s.
    1. Stop Time
    1. Shooting forward spinning gears of time, any enemies hit by Chronos' attack are slowed to a stop, taking 30/50/70/90/110 (+40% of your magical power) magical damage on the initial hit and again when they are stunned for 1s. Cost - 65/70/75/80/85 mana. Cooldown - 16/15/14/13/12s.
    1. Rewind
    1. Chronos travels through time to where he was 8 seconds ago, gaining health and mana back to the values of that time. All of his cooldowns are instantly reset as well. Cost - 100 mana. Cooldown - 120/110/100/90/80s.

    New Skins:

    1. Young Zeus
    2. Golden He Bo
    3. Legendary Skins have been added to the game. Every gold skin purchase will award a Legendary Skin that is automatically given to the player for that god when they achieve Mastery Rank 10. NOTE: If your god is already rank 10 prior to the patch then you must play one match that gives rewards to unlock the new skin.

    New Voice Packs:

    1. Poseidon
    2. Vulcan


    1. Jungle Buffs:
    1. The buff holding leaders in the jungle camps now drop their buffs when they are killed.
    2. Only the team that last hit the camp leader can pick up the buff.
    3. Each player can only have 1 jungle buff at a time. Players that already have a jungle buff will not pick up another buff when they walk over it.
    1. Newly created Smite accounts will now be given Poseidon, Neith, Ymir, Ra and Thor as their permanently free gods. If you created a Smite account prior to the patch date, you will still own the previously provided permanently free gods (but will need to purchase any other unowned gods).
    2. The new free god rotation is Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Fenrir, Isis.
    1. Fixed a bug in which the Recorded tab on the TV menu was not displaying some information correctly.
    2. Fixed a bug where players would see gods permanently in their stun pose.
    3. Gods with magical damage basic attacks now gain 100% of their magical lifesteal when hitting an enemy with their basic attacks. This currently affects Zeus, Isis, Anubis, Athena and Chronos.
    4. The death recap screen no longer shows the killer first. It now sorts by the most damage done to you in the previous 10 seconds, , showing the top 3 contributors.
    5. “Toggle Map Overlay” (default bound to ‘M’) shows color-coded outlines on paths in the Conquest map that lead to objectives.
    1. Teleport is no longer available in Assault mode.
    2. Player characters will now flash an outline if they take damage from your character or if you take damage.
    3. A number of inconsistencies related to projectile ranges have been addressed. The tower ranges in the Conquest map have been adjusted accordingly.
    4. In Conquest, the left and right lanes have been widened slightly in the middle of the map, where previously they narrowed.
    5. In Conquest, there is now a darker fog when looking into the jungle from outside of it.

    Spectator Changes

    1. Fixed an issue where the red team’s wards were not visible.
    2. Fixed syncing issues for party spectating.
    3. Fixed an issue where chat was rendering in the wrong place.


    1. NEW ITEM - Watcher’s Gift
    1. Cost - 800g
    2. +100 Health
    3. +10 HP5
    4. +5 MP5
    5. PASSIVE - The last hit bonus is given to the owner even when assisting on minion kills.
    1. Bumba’s Mask
    1. The movement speed buff has been removed from this item.
    1. Demonic Grip
    1. The 10/20/30 Physical Power has been replaced with 20/40/60 Magical Power.
    1. Meditation
    1. The heal has been reduced from 40% to 30% of your missing health.
    1. Ward
    1. Enemy wards are now detected by Towers, Phoenix and the Minotaur.
    2. Wards are now forced visible while teleporting.
    1. Boots of Celerity
    1. Unique speed modifier decreased from +10/15/28% (40% out of combat) to +6/12/22% (35% out of combat)
    1. Reinforced Greaves
    1. Unique speed modifier decreased from +10/15/21% (33% out of combat) to +6/12/18% (26% out of combat)
    1. All other Boots, Greaves, Shoes, and Tabi
    1. Unique speed modifier decreased from +10/15/21% to +6/12/18%.


    1. Athena
    1. Fixed a bug with her passive spear being blocked by friendly minions.
    1. Bacchus
    1. General
    1. Some visual adjustments have been made to his model.
    1. Loki
    1. Vanish
    1. The cooldown for this ability has been reduced from 18s to 15s.
    2. While invisible, Loki now takes 25% less damage from all sources.
    1. Decoy
    1. The physical power contribution of this ability has been increased from 80% to 100%.
    1. Neith
    1. Broken Weaves
    1. Neith’s broken weaves no longer act as wards.
    1. Ne Zha
    1. General
    1. Ne Zha’s model has undergone modest visual improvements.
    1. Poseidon
    1. General
    1. Poseidon’s model has undergone modest visual improvements.
    1. Xbalanque
    1. General
    1. Some FX have been updated.
    1. Rising Jaguar
    1. The leap portion of this ability is no longer interrupted by crowd control.
    1. Zeus
    1. Zeus’ basic attacks now utilize a hit progression with a 1/1/.5/.5x timing and damage scale
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