[MOBA] Smite - Dec 27, 2012: Version 0.1.1267.2

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  1. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"

    A patch is currently planned to be deployed on Thursday, December 27. Below are the notes. (Note: This is a balance only patch. Another patch with bug fixes, features and further balancing is planned soon).

    General Features

    All recommended items have been updated, given recent item changes.


    Stat purchasing:
    • The initial cost for each stat has been priced at 300g.
    • Each purchase still causes the cost to increase by 10% each time.
    • Stats

        • +7 Physical Power

        • +14 Magical Power

        • +5% Physical Lifesteal

        • +5% Magical Lifesteal

        • +7 Physical Protection

        • +7 Magical Protection

        • +120 Health

        • +8 HP5

        • +150 Mana

        • +5 MP5

        • +5% Critical Strike Chance

        • +7% Attack Speed

        • +10 Movement Speed

        • +7 Physical Penetration

        • +7 Magical Penetration

        • +4% Cooldown Reduction

      • +15 Focus

    Bracer of Replenishment

    Updated the description to correctly show that rank 3 gives +15 HP5.
    Creeping Curse
    Removed the passive icon from inadvertently appearing.

    Eye of Retaliation
    This item now properly has the following stats at rank 3:
    +50 Physical Power
    +12% Physical Lifesteal

    Titan’s Bane
    Rank 2 of this item now properly grants 22% physical penetration rather than 22.


    Guan Yu
    Tranquil Gift
    -- Focus contribution has been reduced from 1.6 per Focus to 1.3.
    --Cooldown has been increased from 10s to 14s.
    Warrior’s Will
    --Cooldown has been increased from 10s to 14s.

    Devour Souls
    --Focus contribution for healing off of Blighted enemies has been increased from .4 per Focus to .5.

    Darkest of Nights
    --Auto skill will now train his ultimate at level 5.

    Frost Breath
    --Base stun duration has been increased from .75/1/1.25/1.5/1.75s to 1.25/1.5/1.75/2/2.25s.
    --Focus contribution now increases the stun duration up to 3s instead of 2.75s.
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