[SMITE] Smite IGN Thread

Discussion in 'Archives' started by Geoff, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"

    Main forums going down soon, and I couldn't navigate Reddit to save my life, we need a topic for this.

    IGN: Exodice
  2. Ayutashi

    Ayutashi Noob

    IGN: Ayutashi

    Feel free to tag me for a game sometime, anyone.
  3. FriedGerry

    FriedGerry Noob

    of course
    IGN: FriedGerry
    H: Tf2 hats W: friends
  4. Dafinch

    Dafinch Noob

    IGN: Dafinch

    Just call me Finch for short :D
  5. Ign: TheoMNoir

    I'm the best Ra laughspammer you'll ever know :D
  6. Dark Jaw

    Dark Jaw Noob

    IGN: DarkJaw.

    A tank, bruiser, mage player that enjoys spamming taunts and jokes.
  7. Ninja Sni PAH!

    Ninja Sni PAH! Active Member

    IGN: NinjaSniPAH.

    I can pretty much play anything, but I prefer supporty roles (be that a mage support like Aphrodite, or tanks like Athena)

    My favorite god is Vulcan though :) (Can't wait for him to get the magical Auto attacks! :D)
  8. Valtieri

    Valtieri Noob

    IGN: Valtieri

    Favorites are Xbal, Apollo, Thor, Herc, Aphro, but really I play whatever. Queue for Assault the most often simply because I can't decide who to play.
  9. Newmz

    Newmz Noob

    what's up yall?
    it's Newmz. IGN is the same, but you won't be seeing me there.

    you can all add me on steam and we can play plenty of other games if you like.
  10. Dmantakae

    Dmantakae Noob

    IGN: notdman

    I play everything, pretty well rounded with all gods
  11. Dillbob

    Dillbob Noob

    Dillbob here, play mostly mage carries and supports, some assassins.
  12. Badonkamonk here, I prefer to play Chang'e/Aphrodite but i refuse to play them in solo que, (I've had an extreme bad luck streak when going with anything classified as support, as solo teammates tend to well.. suck...rather badly) I love playing them with I know and enjoy gaming with.
    I'm averagely experienced with carries like Cupid, Apollo, Bakasura and as far as magi go He Bo, (Vulcan played as a glass cannon mage, heck it works for me). Gods you may never ever ask me to play are Odin, Hades, Hel, Ymir, Isis as that'll end in an automatic loss for your team.
  13. pieface

    pieface Noob

    Pieface. Is this gonna be the new forum? Or is Ekoz's?
  14. LostScarf

    LostScarf Noob


    Nothing wrong with multiple places to check out Smite stuff. I was on official and reddit, didn't talk much on reddit though. Can't get a good discussion on reddit.
  15. LavaRed

    LavaRed Community Manager VF4-S (Server Operator) Staff Member

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