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    New Skins:
    • Ra Golden
    • Anubis Golden

    • Loki
    • Anubis


    • The Conquest map has undergone major visual changes to better fit the current art direction of the game. The map layout remains the same but the art has been fully revised. Players should note that team coloring is different in this map. Players will spawn either on the “Destroyed” side of the map (which is Orange), or the “Pristine” side of the map (which is Blue). Further Conquest map improvements are planned for future releases.
    • The item store now prevents users from buying some items that are unsuitable for their class. For example, magical users cannot buy items that provide physical damage.
    • The Match Lobby has undergone an overhaul of the user interface.
    • Fixed an issue with Match of the Day and teaming.
    • Fixed an issue in which ground targeters could jitter as your character moved/rotated.
    • If an enemy god damages the tower and the tower has no other valid target, the tower will always fire a single shot at the damaging god. This fixes a few cases in which players could damage a tower with impunity.
    • The calculations for damage done by magical basic attacks against towers has changed, so that magical users will do slightly more damage to towers.
    • The new god rotation is Anhur, Athena, Bastet, He Bo, Isis.


    • New Layout and Functionality
    • (F1) Main Panel (Default) - Shows player information (icon, name, level, hp, mana, ult ready), all items, net worth and k/d/a.
    • (F2) Secondary Stats - Swaps item data with extra stats, including current gold, gold per minute, xp per minute, healing done, damage done to players, and damage done to structures.
    • (F3) Graph Panel - Shows current gold and xp differences between the teams, and charts those values over the course of the game, in real time.
    • (F4) Rotation Mode - Automatically rotates between the three panels, switching every twenty seconds.
    • All stat fields may be clicked to sort players by that value; default sorting set to Net Worth.


    • Magi’s Blessing, Ares’ Bolster Defenses, Reinforced Greaves, Hide of Leviathan
    • Fixed an issue that was previously allowing these items to stack their CC reduction. The maximum amount of CC reduction you can achieve through items and abilities is now 30%.
    • Magi’s Blessing
    • The price of this item has been reduced from 2800g to 2100g.
    • The cooldown on the passive has been reduced from 60s to 45s.
    • Ninja Tabi
    • The passive has been changed from +7% Critical Strike Chance to +15% Cooldown Reduction.
    • Polynomicon
    • The passive on this item now deals magical damage instead of physical damage.


    • Anhur
    • Ground targeters have been given visual improvements.
    • Ao Kuang
    • Squall
    • The slow on this ability has been increased from 25% to 50%.
    • Freya
    • After reviewing the impact of the changes made on Freya in the last patch, we have decided to revert the magical power contributions on her Irradiate and Pulse abilities. We will continue to monitor her closely.
    • Irradiate
    • The magical power contribution has been increased from 20% to 35%.
    • Pulse
    • The magical power contribution has been increased from 15% to 20%.
    • Isis
    • Ground targeters have been given visual improvements.
    • Ra
    • Special FX have been updated.
    • Tyr
    • General
    • Victory animation updated (music).
    • Fearless
    • The first rank of this ability has been reduced to 50 from 60 to match the original intention for damage at that rank.
    • Ymir
    • Frostbite basic attack damage buff has been increased from 50% to 100% additional damage.
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