so because my name is =αƦα= Sans I have to get banned?

Discussion in 'Other' started by =αƦα= Sans, Jan 14, 2016.

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  1. gg guys only because I like undertale I am not allowed on a server... I had to wait 10 minuts to drag the game in source mods and this is wat I get?
  2. onefourth

    onefourth Well-Known Member Staff Member TF2C Admin

    The forums are not the place to complain about bans from unofficial servers.

    If you have been banned contact the server owner through their own forums, Steam group or website.
  3. Bluey

    Bluey Noob

    I hope you know that it was an unofficial server you were banned on, not an official.

    The official servers will not ban you for liking Undertale, so just play on those.

    I also got banned on that server for liking Undertale...
  4. It was the only server with 13 man and dont know what the forum of the server is
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