South Park: The Stick of Truth - Epic Adventure or Epic Failure

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    South Park: The Stick of Truth. This might go down as my favorite game for this year, especially if it gets DLC. I currently sit here with 20 hours of gameplay, that's double the highest friend. I've beaten the game with a Mage and a Thief, currently on the Warrior (Made a Jew for the 1 achievement). This game had me hooked instantly, thankfully I've gotten most out of it before Titanfall. So the big question. Is this game worth the $60 price tag? Let's figure that out.

    Graphics - This shouldn't even come as a shocker. You aren't buying Crysis 5 here, it's South Park. You feel like you're playing the show, it's that amazing.

    Music - Sadly I didn't get to hear too much of it during my LP because I always turn the music down, but I did hear it all during my Thief playthrough. The music is phenominal. Mixed in with songs that the show has itself and new ones usually sung by Cartman.

    Gameplay - I've never been a fan of turn based combat. Played very little of it in my life. This game has gotten me into it. That plus walking around the tower of South Park was just fantastic. When you see a small group of enemies waiting for you, you can pull out your ranged weapon, shoot a few and then run up and hit them. This makes it so in the real fight, some of them are stunned. I had so much fun with that.

    Not to mention the random bosses you fight, the encounters you have from big time players of the show. Throughout the game I kept thinking "Wow, that was incredibly fucked up, it can't be topped" only to be wrong 10 minutes later. The game is insane.

    You also get to choose between 4 classes: Fighter, Mage, Thief and Jew. All of who have their own unique skills. And yes, I just said there's a Jew class. A "high risk, high reward" class. And you get to play alongside favorite characters from the show, like Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny. All of whom have their own special abilities. Take Butters for instance. He can turn into Professor Chaos and use 4 different spells. He was OP.

    Kenny can summon rats that, if you don't shake off, KILL KENNY.

    Story - The story isn't to die for. You're the New Kid who just moved to South Park. You make friends with basically everyone in the show, and all the kids who are playing a game that involves the mighty Stick of Truth. If you control the Stick, you control the Universe. Stick gets stolen constantly and really gives reason as to why you are doing things. Oh, and you're character has a mysterious background (in which even I'll admit was a slight god damn letdown).

    Character Customization - I have to raise a question here, I don't know if you can actually "BE" a female character. When you first make your charcter, there is no "Boy/Girl" option. You choose a wig, skin color, clothes and face. Throughout the game, you can constantly change these options. Fro, pigtails, even get a surgery done and look like David Hasselhoff. The reason I bring up the gender thing is because your character talks at the end and I had a male voice. So...I dunno. =/

    The customization itself is superb. Like I said, you can change your look completely, and even dye everything so you can be any color you want. And the weapons mostly have slots (many of multiple slots) so that you can add in bonuses like Gross damage or gaining health/PP on Perfect Strikes. So many choices, it puts many other RPGs to shame.

    Now, the few downsides I found in the game. The first being the buy/sell menu. Oh god, this thing is atrocious. me try and sell my JUNK. That took forever. They really need to touch up on that small bit. Another downside would probably be the potential this game had but didn't use. While playing the game, I expected the aliens, I expected the underpants gnomes. I even expected to see ManBearPig. But...there were some people that never showed up and had me confused as all hell. WHERE'S MY IMAGINATION LAND?!

    With those disappointments, I stil give this game a solid 8/10.

    My final take on it, and I've said this in my audio review multiple times:

    If you like the show, and like the humor, this game is worth it. Period. I can admit, the game ended at a time where I was honestly going "Holy shit, what's going to happen now?", but I really hope DLC comes out. $60 easy for me. Or go the cheap route and wait for it to go on sale.
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