[EXPIRED] [steam] 20% Off Towns

Discussion in 'Great Deals' started by Barbarossa_5, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. Barbarossa_5

    Barbarossa_5 Achievement Hunter


    One of the first Greenlit games, Towns, is now available to purchase and play on Steam. The game is also currently on sale for $11.99 until November 14th.

    I personally haven't played much of it, but what I have was a great deal of fun, and if you enjoy building games I can't recommend this enough.

  2. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered

    Seems cool, kinda like Recettear
  3. TimeCrush

    TimeCrush Achievement Hunter

    The reversed roles style game play is a pretty neat concept.
  4. CaptSpiffy

    CaptSpiffy Best Moderator NA

    Which is awesome, because Recettear is great.

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