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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by onefourth, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. onefourth

    onefourth Achievement Hunter Staff Member TF2C Admin

    Use this thread to post your suggestions and ideas that don't have enough substance to stand on their own as a thread (if you don't have anything except an idea, it goes here). This thread will be monitored frequently and we will respond directly to ideas.
  2. I have an idea, a gamemode called Elimination! (ELN for short) It involves 4 teams and 4 control points. Once a team captures a control point, its locked until all 4 control points are captured. The team that still has a control point is in the next round, the team that doesn't have a control point is out until a new game begins. This continues until there is only one team left, that team wins the game. Please add this into the game, I don't really have a way to pass the time when a team is out, so feel free to change that if you like.
  3. @TheBossOfBothWorlds, what you should do is have them equally split between the remaining teams. This way they can still play instead being stuck not on Spectator.
  4. Good idea! Have a second map they could play in! Now THAT is something I didn't think of!
  5. oh wait, you mean put them on teams, I get it now.
  6. Speaking gamemodes...

    This is a reply on my TF2Maps thread for Fourt, and I think it's not that bad of an idea for four team maps. Since there would only be one flag it would encourage teamplay instead of over defending your own flag or teams ganging up on other teams. I might try this out since it requires no coding and can all be done with a few entities in the vmf.
  7. Or of course, each team had no flags and it's a reverse special delivery map, where you steal the flag from the center and get it back to your base.
  8. I just made 4 team announcement voices, can I possibly show them off so you guys can tell me what to change or if you'll accept them?
  9. Jboby1

    Jboby1 Banhammered

    Cross-post from Facepunch-----------I know that we can never get MvM in-game, but can we add the other assets, like currency/upgrade stations/ect.? I'm thinking of a ctf/cp/koth map involving timed currency drops and upgrade stations called Bitcoin.
  10. I agree with that gamemode Jboby
  11. Jboby1

    Jboby1 Banhammered

    Thanks, PE. 
    Also, we really need a Reply/Quote feature.
  12. Yeah we do.
  13. Moonrat

    Moonrat Noob

    I know the Wiki ain't quite 100% ready, but I'd enjoy being able to help in editing it, rather than being forced to watch it sit there and do nothing.
  14. thepillgod

    thepillgod Noob

    maybe when more weapons get added we get the current weapons but like normal tf2 we get a backpack and earn others oh and also when possible add the demos beta tnt
  15. Zilor

    Zilor Noob

    Some suggestions I got:
    • A text speedometer (on the right side, above the ammo) would/could be nice.
    • A instagib weapon (laser/hitscan) for the merc (which isn't available in the normal DM gamemode, a weapon designed for instagib mods).
  16. MaartenS11

    MaartenS11 Well-Known Member

    I would sugest that on deatmatch we need more tf2c weapons like the 2 shot sniper rifle 
  17. thepillgod

    thepillgod Noob

    maybe at some point there could be a steam release of this game for free it might get quite a bit more attention and downloads as currently not many people will know to download the mod from this website and would be told about this website from a friend so if there was a steam release alot of peoplewill most likely download it
  18. _Q3

    _Q3 Noob

    thepillgodI disagree with tf2c being on steam in it's current state. If it's released early, people will get their fill of tf2c and never look back at it. But if its released when it is practically finished, there will be a larger concurrence player base. There are so many early access games on steam that have basically stop being developed because of this.
  19. There should be a mode where one team is very powerful and must defend the intel, and the other 3 teams would have to temporarily work together to get in, but only the team holding the intel would get points for capping. All three teams would be able to hurt each other.
  20. I propose this. A zombie Survival mode Similar to COD Zombies with a twist. We take the first Zombies map [Nacht Der Untoten] And copy it 4 times. Each copy will be in the art-pass of each company [RED, BLU, GRN and YLW]. Each team will have 4 survivors, composed of any 4 of all Characters in the  game. Also there are some new characters which are technically not new. Miss Pauling, The Administrator and Heavy's sisters. It would have some similar features to COD Zombies too. Instead of the Mystery Box, you have the Random Weapons Box or McRWB. Instead of Perk a Cola Machines you have Power Tonics or McPT, Wall weapons would be the same though, maybe a special wall dispenser for them. The objective is to be last team standing however if the game reaches round 30 its ream with the most point which in this case due to copyrights would be changed to Credits. I hope this gets worked on a a Game mode it would be really fun.
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