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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by onefourth, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. F10 to defuse

    F10 to defuse Well-Known Member

    zombies would be pretty neat, but not particularly CoD zombiesMaybe a survival or campaign styled tf2c gamemode based off of l4d? Kind of like the tf2 zombie fortress mode but with deathmatch mercenaries and a good looking zombie model.
  2. F10 to defuse

    F10 to defuse Well-Known Member

    I would love to be able to see my own mercenary in deathmatch mode, but not in other tf2c gamemodes. I would like to see thirdperson in deathmatch, just not in regular games where people can see spies coming
  3. gamma

    gamma Noob

    Incredible mod, guys, everyone should play this. Tho, personally my main reason to play this is because tf2 is loaded with too much crap...

    0)This is not really a post with just suggestions, it's more like a report... I dunno, maybe there should be a suggestions sub-forum, with a place where people can post their reports of their 
    <span style="font-size: 13.3333px; line-height: normal;">experience. Might give a clearer view of what your average player notices first.</span>1)Confirm, there's only ~7 servers right now? Is there a way to see the servers through web? Can we have that on the main site? Would be a bit better to know if there's anyone playing before launching the game.2)I've read the facepunch thread a bit... I hope you guys don't derail too much on making new gamemodes and other stuff, but instead make sure that we have 2 or 3 working modes which are fun to play.<font>3)Noticed a guy complaining that his settings get reset on each launch... I had a similar problem, but a. It was mainly the settings in the first tab; b. I think this was happening a few times while the game was already launched, when I was making some changes, like sensitivity, rebinding stuff?; c. I think it happened after I've created autoexec?; After some more investigation I will post again.</font>
  4. gamma

    gamma Noob

    Tried the 4 Teams Mode... yeah the win condition wasn't thought out at all. You might as well create 4 Team Deathmatch with mercenaries and replace the current 4T with that.
    Let's try to look at it this way: how can we determine which team was the best? Well, capping all 4 point surely proves the best team, yes, but that team would be the best at being <span style="font-style: italic;">the most dense - as other teams just got tired and gave up, realising that this is pointless, as for each team it takes barely any skill to defend their own point(which, in a case of at least one map, is right in front of their spawn!).</span>

    So, this surely doesn't work. There must be some other way of figuring out which team was the best without making it impossible. 
    For example: how about doing it more directly? Why can't it be the similar way as in KOTH mode in tf2? The win condition there is for a team to have the point in a captured state for a required time, the winner is the one to do it first. Well, that's just one point to capture tho, now we have 4... then how about a captured point instead of decreasing the time required - instead, it gives a point(score) per second. And if you have two points captured - the score you get per second doubles(2 score points per second). Or we go back to decreasing the numbers and the captured points act the same way as in KOTH: one captured point makes the team timer go down the usual way(1 second per 1 real second), but two points captured make it go twice faster - (2 seconds per 1 real second). And so on. Since in original KOTH the timer is 3 minutes and in tf2c we have double the teams, the timer could be 6 minutes. If a team captures all 4 points, then the round ends in 90 seconds. A bit too fast... maybe 9 minutes.
    So there's whole two ways to script this. In a game, if you manage to capture someones point(and <span style="font-style: italic;">it is "someones" if it's right in front of their spawn) and keep your own point defended, then good for your team - you're now a little bit ahead from other teams. A "little bit" because the point is not too hard to capture back if it's right in front of your spawn(I keep saying that, am I?)... Sounds playable to me. Also doesn't seem to be too hard to understand for a new player.</span>
    If no one responds to this in the next ~24 hours, then I'm gonna link my posts in the facepunch thread. Or just repost this one post.
  5. F10 to defuse

    F10 to defuse Well-Known Member

    Demoknight was one of my favorite things to do in modern tf2. Do you have any plans to re-implement the mechanics in tf2c?
  6. PiTMiN

    PiTMiN Noob

    Maybe a "Run From The Maniac" gamemode, there's 2 teams, team Red has to run and team Blu (1 guy) has to kill them with a chainsaw/some other melee weapon he can kill a player in one swing and he also has a slight speed boost and is distinguished by a brighter merc color or a special model (Merc player models for Red).
    Reds guns do no damage to the Maniac but instead push him back or slow him down (much like the natascha). Its like Saxton hale but without the jumping or powers, just a boost to speed. The Red team wins if the timer runs out (10-15 mins, depending on map size) or if Blu kills all of Red.
  7. Pcow

    Pcow Not a Noob

    Just a quick question. Will bunnyhopping ever be implemented in TF2C?
  8. onefourth

    onefourth Achievement Hunter Staff Member TF2C Admin

  9. My biggest gripe with the DM game mode is that you can't collide with other players. I was reading one of the devs mapping guides and it said bunnyhopping is a vital part of the gameplay, but it seems strange when I'm bhoping at high speeds if I run into someone to just pass right through and ends up throwing off my aim.
  10. Also, on a different note, could you add a game logic entity in hammer that can choose a random output. It would be very helpful as I'm trying to create a DM map that has randomized weapon spawns (so a weapon spawner will spawn a random weapon each time) and randomized powerups (so a powerup spawner will spawn a random powerup each time).
  11. Trotim

    Trotim Well-Known Member

    DM players collide with each other next version.

    About randomized weapon/powerup spawns: the best you can do at the moment is probably using logic_case's PickRandom input. It may be easier for us to add a "random" option to the spawner entities if there is demand.
  12. Anyone got ideas for Heavy and Engineer alt weapons?
  13. A the moment I feel the SMG is just miles better than the pistol. And I feel there's near no reason to use the pistol when the SMG seems to have so much better stats comparatively. My thoughts on this is that it'd make a lot more sense for the SMG to be a very low damage high ROF spray weapon to use as a last ditch effort to finish off an enemy. While the pistol is a bit slower firing, does more damage, and is more accurate.

    Even first bullet accuracy on the pistol at the moment is terrible, while the current SMG can be sprayed from very very far range and still hit even the smaller mercs consistently. Any possibility in seeing this worked on?

    @UnitedDucks I could see a revolver working for the two of them perhaps? It'd do decent damage and could give the two classes some name say in ranged combat. Obviously it should do less damage than a shotgun meatshot- Somewhere between 50 and 70 damage a shot. Have a slow firing speed, and slow reload animation to balance it out a bit? (A heavier revolver than spies, but still only 5 rounds per rotation, and a shotgun shell-like reload animation of putting each individual bullet back in.)
  14. Sharps_

    Sharps_ Noob

    I have an idea of where you are rewarded for playing the game. You have a rank/level which is only visible to you on the main screen or something. You gain levels by finishing matches on servers OR a mission system that grants you exp when a mission is completed. This might encourage people to play for more than just fun.
  15. Jeddunk

    Jeddunk Noob

    I would love to see the following:
    A convar for melee only/"medieval mode" weapon restrictions
    Crusader's Crossbow
  16. Here's a funny idea: What if every weapon (Even the default ones) had a description?

    Minigun: "It costs 400 thousand dollars to fire this weapon for 12 seconds."
    Syringe Gun: "It will heal you to death!"
    Cyclops: "A one-barreled gun for a one-eyed man."
  17. FUTURE.10S

    FUTURE.10S Noob

    Okay, we all know the SMG is so much better than the Pistol. While I agree that the SMG is way too powerful, my idea is for its damage to be slightly nerfed on the Scout, and buff the Pistol for all characters by increasing its damage by 33% because it's nigh useless in almost all situations. It still won't be perfect, but it'll be at least a viable secondary.

    Heavy alt weapon: Either Family Business as it currently is in TF2 or a weaker Sandvich.

    Engineer alt weapon: Jag as it currently is in TF2, where it's easier to set up, but harder to keep safe. I'd even change the 25% damage penalty to a 33% damage penalty overall while also having the 3 hits for sapper removal.

    Medic: Give Crusader's Crossbow and Amputator (+3HP/s when out although with less damage than in official and no taunt healing); xbow gives ubercharge.

    Also, if an item server is possible, then I'm throwing the generic "give community skins" idea (because I love having pretty guns), but have none of them cost money or be tradable or rarer than the other, nor have any sort of quality system. They just drop every 20-40 minutes and you can have 12 skins a week. They all look brand new, they all drop equally, and while some look nicer than others, there's no blatant bias towards any one skin. Any two skins of can be crafted for a random skin of a random weapon, three skins of one weapon craft into a random skin of the same weapon. They constantly drop for all players. Periodically release new skins to come out to keep circulation working instead of standing in backpack; maybe even implement craft-only weapons.
  18. memelord

    memelord Noob

    I had some suggestion in terms of the current alternative weapons.

    Soldier's RPG is not as good as the Rocket launcher. 1 rocket for 25% more damage? I know what they were aiming for but they didn't even give it a faster reload.

    Having the description tell you the base damage of the weapons would be pretty nice. I don't know the damage of the nail gun nor the poachers pride.

    The ubersaw is better than the original because of its utility. Make it atleast be slower to pull off as well so medics use it more for risky uber gains rather than just to protect himself AND get uber main, so the bonesaw has the upper hand on something.
  19. FUTURE.10S

    FUTURE.10S Noob

    Nail Gun is identical to the syringe gun, if I recall right. Poacher's Pride could use the stats because (by experimenting) it's "+20% more damage, +100% clip size, reloads whole clip at once, zooms in rather than scopes, cannot charge".

    Also, there's a bug with ultrawide monitors and the Poacher's Pride barrel being in the top left corner.

    EDIT: One more buff for Medic; give stock Bonesaw ability to see enemy health. This would bring its value up considerably and make it a fairer sidegrade compared to the Ubersaw and the Amputator (if implemented).
  20. Tickk

    Tickk Noob

    -remove crit pickups from deathmatch (they last too long and are not fun to play against)
    -add shift walking to deathmatch perhaps?
    -people constantly spawn close to each other, the respawning needs work
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