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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by onefourth, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. As it stands: the Bonesaw only outclasses the Ubersaw in conjunction with the Overhealer. I suggest that it, that being the Bonesaw, be given the Amputator's special taunt.
  2. MrAmazing

    MrAmazing Noob

    I would like the sniper rifle be replaced with the Classic sniper in deathmatch, but I would like to see major improvements to it compared to live tf2 (also add it for the sniper loadout)
    and also i would like the rocket launcher be replaced with an RPG in deathmatch as well, but give it a lower max ammo capacity and a bigger damage radius.

    Also, are there any plans on adding armor pickups in deathmatch, or atleast a powerup that gives you a shield bubble?
  3. Moonrat

    Moonrat Noob

    Separate the Map Releases thread from the Maps thread, as you don't see new post in the Map Releases on the main page, so nobody checks it.
  4. Trotim

    Trotim Well-Known Member

    @Tickk what do you mean by shift walking? Sorry for the late response

    @MrAmazing all interesting suggestions. We're lowering the rate at which overheal decays in Deathmatch so armor may not be necessary
  5. Moonrat

    Moonrat Noob

    @Trotim I'd imagine he means like Counterstrike, where you don't make any footstep noises. Which in DM is pretty fucking pointless anyways.
  6. Trotim

    Trotim Well-Known Member

    @Moonrat oh I see, thanks. May be worth considering something like that for class modes
  7. If the Crusader's Crossbow or something similar is added, I think it should have a design inspired by the HL2 Crossbow. It was my favorite weapon because the design was great (it fired superheated rebar) and it was really fun to use.
  8. [o.W.n.] Telep0rter

    [o.W.n.] Telep0rter Not a Noob

    Hi there,
    I wanted to see This Unused/Beta weapons in the game:
    Frag Grenade-A basic Frag Grenade. All classes but the Scout would have had access to such grenades.
    Concussion Grenade-The Concussion Grenade would have been the Scout's secondary grenade.
    Nail Grenade-The Nail Grenade would have been the Soldier's secondary grenade.
    Napalm Grenade-The Napalm Grenade would have been the Pyro's secondary grenade.
    MIRV Grenade/Dynamite Pack-A scrapped weapon intended for both the Demoman and the Heavy. Came in both grenade and secondary weapon versions. For the secondary weapon version, after throwing it, it'd explode into several smaller sticks, which would then explode separately.
    EMP Grenade-The EMP Grenade would have been the Engineer's secondary grenade.
    Heal Grenade-The Heal Grenade,would have been the Medic's secondary grenade.
    Bear Trap-The Bear Trap would have been the Sniper's secondary grenade.
    Gas Grenade-The Gas Grenade would have been the Spy's secondary grenade.
    Syringe-A melee weapon intended for the Medic as seen in the teaser trailer. May have healed friends when jabbing them, same as the TF2 Medkit.
    Walkabout-A Sniper Rifle alternative. This would have removed the move speed penalty when scoped in, allowing the Sniper to move at normal speed. Known downsides are that it cannot zoom in, so the scope effect was merely in place to reduce the Sniper's field-of-view, as scoping was still required for headshots, and it could not charge for increased damage. Unlike the regular Sniper Rifle, it would've been capable of inflicting random critical hits.
    Beer Stein-A melee weapon.
    Instant Teleport-A scrapped secondary weapon for the Engineer, but no models or textures exist. It would have allowed the Engineer to instantly teleport back to his Teleport Exit, and was intended to make it easier for Engineer players to return to their Sentry Gun when it was in danger.
    Repair Node-The Repair Node was a new building concept intended for the Engineer update. It used a pool of energy to automatically repair nearby buildings - when the energy ran out, it had to recharge to full before it could repair again. Multiple Repair Nodes could be deployed in the same area, however their effectiveness would be reduced. The Repair Node was tested as both a Dispenser and Teleporter replacement.
    Recon-Added with the Engineer update, this is likely a remnant of a scrapped Engineer building. Nothing remains of it but sound effect data.\
    P.D.Q.-The P.D.Q. was a Wrench replacement for the Engineer. It couldn't upgrade buildings, but could speed up their construction by 150% while whacking them. The P.D.Q. directly evolved into the Jag, as the Jag's animations begin with the prefix pdq_, and it retains the ability to significantly speed up building construction at 1.95x the normal speed (2.95x normal speed if re-hauling) of the regular wrench, as well as having a 15% faster swing speed and a 20% repair penalty.
    Medigun Beta 1-This was basically a rework of the scrapped Overhealer concept. It could overheal players to 150% of their maximum health like the stock Medi Gun, and like the Overhealer this would never decay, but it healed at half the normal rate.
    Fire Retardant Suit-A replacement for the Spy's Revolver. Two variants of this weapon were tested: One made the Spy resist direct fire damage by 90%, while the other "Beta 2" variant made him completely immune to afterburn. The downside to these effects was, of course, that the Spy no longer had a ranged weapon. While the suit lacked an inventory icon in the beta (it used the Engineer's Wrench icon as a placeholder), one was later added to the game files, which is still present to this day.
    Beta Pocket Rocket Launcher-A mostly terrible new Rocket Launcher concept that uses the Direct Hit model. When it was first added, it'd reward the Soldier with a full eight second crit boost if a Medic was healing him and died. This was later changed to a six second mini-crit boost, and later two different variations were added. One increases the Medic's ÜberCharge build rate by 15% while healing the Soldier; the other speeds up the Launcher's reload time by 50% while being healed. All three have the same downside of dealing 10 damage to the Soldier when a rocket successfully damages a player, which is of course almost instantly negated when being healed by a Medic. Hilariously, this downside also screws over Pyros who deflect the rocket and damage an enemy, since they'll also take 10 damage with no possible way of benefiting from the weapon's upsides. This weapon's data is still in the TF2 Beta game files, but the weapon was removed from players' backpacks.

    In addition to the three variants that were tested, there are descriptions for two other weapon attributes which seem intended for it:

    When the medic healing you is killed you gain 2 revenge crits
    When the medic healing you is killed the killer becomes marked for death
    Beta Pocket Shotgun-Complimenting the above, a Shotgun replacement that deals more damage while being healed by a Medic, but reduces weapon switch speed when not.
    Beta Syringe Gun-The final version of this weapon became the Overdose - quite literally, as the Overdose overwrote it. Earlier versions had a completely different concept: It fired at half the normal Syringe Gun rate, did reduced damage (-90% and -50% respectively), but applied the Mad Milk effect to any enemy hit by its syringes for a short time (1 and 2 seconds).
    Beta Sniper Rifle 1-A Sniper Rifle which charges faster or slower based on hits and misses. On release, a hit would increase the charge rate by 35% and a miss by 65%. This was later changed to bodyshots increasing by 25% and headshots by 45%.
    Heraldic Targe-A Demoman weapon.
    Baleful Beacon-A melee weapon intended for the Pyro.
    Flyswatter-A melee weapon intended for the Soldier.

    For Textures/More Info go here:

    Soldier-An unused taunt animation that was removed long ago had the Soldier stomp his feet, cross his arms then show something off.
    Scout-Come And Get Me
    Pyro-Sitting taunt

    All Class-
    There is a taunt for some select classes named "taunt_loot". It shows the different classes gaining something from a chest or a box.

    Unused Marketing Poses-
    Scout Marketing pose, demonstrating the infamous "Crazy Legs" glitch.
    The Soldier, prepared for war. Used in the WAR! Soldier page.
    The Soldier, triumphing over the Demoman to earn the Gunboats. Used in the WAR! Victory page.
    The Soldier poses with his new weapon, the Direct Hit, which is missing from its raw model shot. Used in the WAR! Soldier page.
    The Soldier poses with an active Buff Banner. Used in the WAR! Soldier page.
    Unused. Assumed to have been for the Equalizer's section on the WAR! Soldier page, or as a 'Loss' pose on the WAR! Victory page if the Soldier had lost the battle. If it's the former, then it was likely scrapped due to obvious model flaws.
    The Demoman gestures to the sky in victory. Would have been used in the WAR! Victory page if the Demoman had won the war.
    The Demoman looks down, defeated. The bottle he is clutching in his right hand is missing from the raw shot. Used in the WAR! Victory page.
    The Demoman relaxes, holding his Sticky Bomb Launcher loosely. Used in the WAR! Demoman page.
    The Demoman holds his Eyelander high, and prepares to decapitate an enemy. Apart from the facial expression, this pose matches the taunt animation for the Eyelander. Used in the WAR! Demoman page.
  9. Jesus. Too many word.
  10. rad

    rad DMC Tester DMC Tester

    Too many words, and much of these ideas are terrible
  11. We are in agreement Miss Pailing Rad.
  12. I always tought it was weird that The Direct Hit has an unusable scope on it's model. Maybe add it with the option to scope in?
  13. [o.W.n.] Telep0rter

    [o.W.n.] Telep0rter Not a Noob

    I think that we need a new gamemode: "Treasure Island"
    1.In this gamemode we will have a new "Pirate" Models"
    2.New map(Something like a island)
    3.The map will Generate random treasures in random places.
    4.Every class (except Spy and Engi) will have a new melee: Shovel (Not the soldier one).
    5.The Medic Secondary is a "Treasure Map"-It is possible to find the treasure without a medic but this is very hard....
    6.Medic have a fog in his First Person mode
    7.The treasures will be like a Capture Point-You can "dig" the second one after the first was found etc...
    8.The treasures will be:

    For Red Team For Blu Team Both(Last):
    A Sandwich

    Red Flag Blue Flag
    Frying Pan Sniper Rifle (Every class can find it)
    Golden Frying Pan Saxxy
    Money Spy Mask

    9.No timer
    10.Pls accept it
  14. [o.W.n.] Telep0rter

    [o.W.n.] Telep0rter Not a Noob

    Another Idea: Abilities
    Spike Shoes
    Adrenalin Dash
    Flare Firework
    After Burner
    Sticky Flash
    Drunk Bomb
    Delicious Sandvich
    Centrifuge Rotor
    Über Transplant
    Doping Injection
    Super Charger
    Curving Arrow
    Marking Shot
    Metal Hopper
    Reverse Engineer
    Sleep Switch
    Sapper Throw.
  15. those are really cool. Some should be added.
  16. N04H89

    N04H89 Noob

    I have no idea if this has been suggested/implemented yet, but would it be possible to create a cosmetic system and let us use our own custom made hats/clothes? Waiting for Valve to greenlight everything is just aggravating. Another thing, this game looks so amazing that it doesn't seem fair to leave hats out.

    Also, custom weapons that can never be nerfed like Valve does. if these things can't be implemented, then at least let the community create them.
  17. Hats will not be put in the way Valve did them. Think more like outfits rather than separate cosmetics like a casual medic or a WWII soldier theme.
  18. N04H89

    N04H89 Noob

    So... They would be arranged externally? I'm confused.

    Most people will complain about the lack of cosmetics.
  19. MrAmazing

    MrAmazing Noob

    How about a medieval version of the deathmatch gamemode. Melee's, crossbow and huntsman, and other weapons exclusive to this gamemode.
    Maybe include other cool new weapons, maps, player remodeling to go with this gamemode.
  20. I'm not sure medieval would catch on I mean there is only 1 map for it in TF2. I just isn't that popular.
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