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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by onefourth, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. thatcat11

    thatcat11 Noob

    Re-add weapons like the RPG, a (nerfed) scout SMG, and the overhealer. I really liked this mod when It was an actual beta recreation.
    Hell, re-add removed maps and other weapons. I see no reason to take away from a already barren game.
  2. @Telep0rter Maybe nerf the grenades so they wouldn't be spammed? That was a big problem when Valve tried to add it into TF2 - people were really reliant on grenades. I was also thinking only certain maps or gamemodes (DM?) that would have the grenade pick-ups on them and you wouldn't start with all 4 grenades, so again: there needs to be a lot of work before grenades are added at all. Maybe only have grenades for merc that ACTUALLY HAVE THEM ON THE PLAYERMODEL e.g. Soldier, Pyro or Demo because a. they can rocket/sticky jump (so it wouldn't really matter so much if they grenade jumped) or b. it's too overpowered to have other classes (i.e. Heavy) grenade jumping. Greande jumping could also be nerfed.
  3. linkfania

    linkfania Noob

    I would like for the wiki to be updated more frequently.
    Heck, according to the wiki, the Scout still has an SMG!
  4. linkfania

    linkfania Noob

    @"Gabe Noodle From Volvo" I think there should be a cvar like "sv_player_collision" for enabling player collision and "mp_team_collision" for colliding with teammates.
  5. linkfania

    linkfania Noob

    @gamma We need that.
  6. applesho0ter

    applesho0ter Well-Known Member

    Some suggestions:
    >implement the hunted map from tfclassic for the civilian
    >implement all overhaul animations (by the time everything works) and make an option to choose between original valve animations and overhaul
    hope my grammar isnt sh*t
    Thanks for caring about my opinion and your response :)
    Also... NYEEEEH:
  7. Richter

    Richter Noob

    I think DM needs a bigger variety of weapons, so the two I think which could work well are the Panic Attack and the Tomislav. The tomislav would be a more lightweight version of the minigun with stats like they are in the original game, and I think that would be more fun to fight both with and against than the minigun. The panic attack (in the state before the buff in the Jungle Update where you have to load the shells before you fire them all at once) would be very fun in Deathmatch because of its principle. You could peek around corners and drop people, but if someone catches you off guard you would be screwed for a few seconds if you don't have a reliable secondary. I think it could be fun, maybe with a little balancing, though.
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