Taken down.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ZombieGuildford, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. This post was removed because: 1 you're all bastards 2 I'm gonna save that idea for a game I'm making. 3 Fair enough it was over ambitious and doesn't fit in TF2C.
  2. FUTURE.10S

    FUTURE.10S Noob


    Wait, you're serious? Let me laugh harder.

  3. Habber

    Habber Noob

    Somewhere, in another dimension, somebody is playing this game. That somebody is sad about the direction the world has gone in, knowing that nexon has come to acquire the rights to TF2.
  4. Can I make Demoman huh'white?
    >You can choose your Merc's gender
    Wow just wow, you're probably enforcing the gender binary I can't even even wow just wow I'm reporting you to the ADL.
  5. Remember it is only a suggestion. I never expect this to go through i just thought it would give extra purpose to the game other than just being a average, bog standered FPS.
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