[TF2] Team Fortress 2 Update Released

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    An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:
    • Fixed a client crash related to particle effects
    • Fixed the quickplay menu not remembering the Advanced Options settings after using the Play Beta Maps option
    • Fixed the Festive Sapper not having a skin for the Blu team
    • Added a new startup music track from Expiration Date
    • Added a Headset style for the Greased Lightning
    • Updated the Conga taunt to play sounds on the client instead of the server
    • Updated several materials to fix issues caused by mat_picmip
    • Updated the localization files
    • Updated beta map pl_cactuscanyon
      • Redesign of the first half of stage 2. Blu team now pushes up the first hill
      • Removed the death pit in the first barn building of stage 1
      • Ammo increased in stage 2
      • Fixed Red building in the spawn room of stage 2
    • Updated beta map rd_asteroid
      • Mode changes
        • Power Cores and Reactor Cores now add their point value to a team's score over time
        • Reduced the rate at which points can be stolen from 15 per second to 10 per second
        • Robots now heal 5 health per second to nearby friendly players
        • The HUD has been reworked
          • Inverted the layout to better represent the layout of the level
          • Added progress bars to represent each team's score
          • Potential point gains from stolen reactor cores are now visually represented on the score progress bars
          • Thief icon now moves across the score board relative to the thief's position in the level
          • Updated thief icon to represent both the color of the power core stolen and the color of the thief's team
        • Added new strings to the win panel that explain why the team won
        • Replaced the current "points being stolen" sound with a new sound
        • Added better collision hulls to robot models
        • Reworked robot skins to reduce similarity to the Ubercharged skin
        • Sentry guns no longer target Ubercharged robots
      • Map changes
        • Layout has been adjusted with the overall goal of improving visibility of teammates
        • Removed spawn teleporter
        • Reduced map size by removing the front lobby and cave sections
        • Added terrain paths on the sides of the mid bridge
        • Increased width of the mid bridge
        • Removed doors that locked when A and B robots were active
        • Robots have been rearranged:
          • A robots now roam the bridge above the water
          • B robots now roam around the floor in front of the vault
          • C robots now roam around the upper deck
        • Added more line of sight blockers to the water room to provide better cover during combat engagements
        • Reduced travel time for the water flanking route under the interior bridge
        • Added a drop down to enter the water room from the front door staging area
        • Increased size of the glass room near C robots to provide flanking cover to use against sentries that are placed at the corner of the upper deck
        • Increased width of vault corridors
        • Reworked vent route that leads to the vault, no longer need to crouch jump on exit
        • Moved left spawn exit forward to reduce effectiveness of spawn camping
        • Added a resupply cabinet to the right side spawn exit
        • Re-positioned health and ammo pickup locations
        • Added ramp collision to stairs
        • Changed setup time from 60 seconds to 40 seconds
        • Changed power reactor max return time from 90 seconds to 60 seconds
        • Fixed gap in the death pit that allowed players to survive

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