[TF2] Team Fortress 2 Update Released

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    An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:
    Scream Fortress VI has arrived!
    • Help Merasmus with his carnival!
    • Comic and additional information available on the website (http://www.teamfortress.com/screamfortress6)
    • Scream Fortress VI runs until November 12, 2014
    • Added new Halloween map Carnival of Carnage
      • Merasmus will spread misfortune with server wide curses
      • Added a Strongmann Test-Your-Strength machine which is in no way an eldritch portal to Bumper Car Madness!
    • Added bumper car minigames. Win by completely ghostifying the other team or by completing the objective
    • Alt-fire to speed boost your bumper car
    • Cast spells while driving
    • The collision force a bumper car receives increases as the car takes damage
    • Force is displayed in the bumper car HUD as a percentage
    • Ghosts can come back to life by touching a friendly bumper car
    • 50 new Halloween-themed community cosmetics
    • 6 new achievements
    • During Scream Fortress VI
      • A Halloween Gift Cauldron is granted to all players who play during the event
      • Added Halloween crates to the Mann Co. Store. These crates do not require a key to open
      • All Unusual hats and taunts that are unboxed during the event will receive Halloween-themed Unusual effects
      • Previous Scream Fortress content is available in the Mann Co. Store
    • General
      • Reduced the number of Fireball spells granted to 2
      • Updated the tf_spells_enabled ConVar
        • Removed the Teleport spell from the general spell list when spells are enabled outside of Helltower
        • Added rare spells to the general spell list, except Skeletons and Monoculus
      • Turning a player into a ghost now grants the attacker a kill credit
      • Players can now fly around as a ghost by holding the jump key
      • TargetID system
        • Now creates a floating health indicator over the target
        • Reduced size of nameplate
        • Added tf_hud_target_id_alpha ConVar to control the transparency
      • Fixed player voice transmissions not transmitting the last second of recording
      • Fixed a dedicated server crash when the autoexec.cfg contains a bind command
        • Fixed Unicode font performance and rendering issues for Mac clients
        • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to remove the ghost condition
    • Hammer
      • Added a field to the Tools->Options->3DView tab that multiplies the length of the rendered light_spot cone preview

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