[TF2] Team Fortress 2 Update Released

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    An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:
    • Players will now be randomly selected to participate in a survey at the end of Casual and Competitive matches
    • Ongoing improvements to the matchmaking backend to improve match quality and reduce wait times
    • Fixed air-blasts sometimes sending deflected projectiles in random directions when the Pyro is close to enemy players
    • Fixed a case where players joining community bootcamp servers via the server-browser could not select a team
    • Reduced the rate at which players can earn bonus points for extinguishing teammates
    • Fixed a case where players could use the Halloween teleport spell to get outside the map
    • Updated the localization files
    • Community requests
      • Fixed Merasmus not being stunned by bomb-head players on community Halloween maps
      • Added the ability for community Halloween maps to call a truce during a Monoculus or Merasmus fight
        • Can be set via the game rules entity using the SetMapForcedTruceDuringBossFight input
      • Fixed energy weapons not hitting pumpkin bombs, Merasmus props, and RD robots
    • Mann vs. Machine update
      • Fixed the Sentry Buster sound being orphaned if the Sentry Buster detonates while invulnerable
      • Fixed zombies not using the correct skin in Ghost Town
    • Updated cp_snakewater_final1
      • Changes based on community feedback
    • Updated pl_millstone_event
      • Updated bot navigation file, bots now use all routes, won't get stuck so easily and are smarter
      • Fixed woodpile spot where HHH could get stuck
      • Improved clipping on wood piles
      • Fixed missing rooftop texture
      • Fixed a few props flashing at certain angles
      • Fixed a spot in the last area where you could place stickies underground
      • Fixed Monoculus not getting stunned when hit by players exiting purgatory
    • Updated cp_sunshine
      • Blockbulleted spiral staircase on the back of second
      • Added medium ammo to mid near choke
      • Removed clipping over wooden arch going into second from valley
      • Reduced the size of the wooden arch
      • Blockbulleted a few undersides of staircases on last that could catch projectiles
      • Removed a ladder on last

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