[League of Legends] Teamwork something we often seem to lack

Discussion in 'Archives' started by tigar, Nov 24, 2013.

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    Oh and also a positive attitude(im guilty of both just to say)

    Anyway today a random guy added me after a custom all for one and asked if i could help him out of bronze 4 so figured why not play a game or 2 with him right and be nice and help him a bit.

    So we get into the game i get to pick first so i pick teemo as i saw they had nasus and i get forced to go adc against sivir so fine not much of a challenge there
    4 minutes in jax dcs for 3 minutes comes back and starts raging as he lost his tower to nasus so he says its game over and starts to point out everything bad and the moment it hits 20 minutes he starts a surrender vote and we all vote no.

    Now by this time me and tf already asked him to shut up yet he keeps going raging about my support not being a good support and building the wrong items and what not so i tell him to ignore the jax and to keep his head up high and relax and enjoy the game.

    About 10 minutes later we destroy 3 towers bot and the other team starts to slowly do worse and worse most likely due to them arguing and by this time we all have jax on ignore yet he doesnt seem to realize it so we go for baron they try to contest it we nearly kill them all (sivir escapes as shes scared) we push a other 2 towers in mid before everyone is back up now by this time i have my hextech and botrk and my boots(forgot about wits end) so the game goes back and forth for a while then baron gets back up again(by this time i got my wits end) and again we go for it yet we dont get it neither did they we did the dance they went in used all their ults early on and nasus went for me so i ran away used botrk and hextech and my q and 1 shroom and about 10 auto attacks to get him then we went after everyone

    Of course sivir gets away so we chase her down and score an ace and they surrender directly even now jax was whining about how bad i was and how i should have had more kills i went 9/10/19 and i gave my support 10 kills by actually stopping to chase down people so that she could get them and keep up with the rest

    So now everyone except the other team and jax is happy that we won a game we should have lost and all that due to teamwork and keeping spirits up high as if you saw that game we didnt do stupid things we stuck together well mostly
    but we did things like this id run down to bot lane farm the lane and shroom the jungle and force everyone to come down so they come after me making it able for jax to get mid tower then i start to run off and they run after me and the enemy team and me meet up near the bushes so they expect me to run through them and out of it so they shoot all their spells towards those points where as i just dead stopped and waited for just 2 seconds then ran out of the bushes and ran circles around gragas and dragon lady meanwhile jax is raging about me refusing to leave but i gave everyone time to kill everyone before i died as they all focused me(global taint op) so everything was on cooldown when my team came in

    some games are all about getting kills and others when you know your team sucks compared to the other team you have to make sure your teamwork is better and never screw up that way you will win or loose while trying to do your best

    anyway long story short be bait make the enemy team rage as they all die when your team runs in afterwards and win games with good attitude and ignore those who spread negativity :3
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