[Minecraft] [tekkit] Vault Transit System Now Open

Discussion in 'Archives' started by Nightshde, Jan 11, 2013.

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    Vault Transit System is now open for use.

    Currently there are only 4 stops and the main station connecting them. Each of these "end of the line" stops go to the center point of their respective PVE zone wall (N,S,E,W). Eventually I will be adding stops along each path but I first have to design a system for them.

    There are a few rules for using the transit system:

    • First and foremost do not remove carts from the tracks. The system is setup in such a way that there should be no need to add or remove carts from the system. You get in an awating cart to the direction you want to go and when you get to the stop you get out and the cart goes back into the system.
    • Second, do not destroy any of the stations or tracks. If there happens to be an explosion on the track, which will sometimes happen with High Speed tracks, report it so it can be quickly fixed before it happens to others.
    • Third, if you see any issues or someone destroying the transit system please report it to an admin.

    Although I tried to design this system as simple as possible with no need for button pressing or fear of mobs spawning on tracks sometimes shit happens. So if you see/have any of the following issues please report it to me or another tekkit admin.
    • Mobs spawning on tracks
    • Tracks missing/destroyed
    • No outgoing carts available
    • Station not sending you out or pulling a cart back into the system.
    • Any other issues with the transit system.
    Go ahead and have fun and hopefully this will help out new people coming in find new unclaimed areas easily.
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