Testing new customized server (Linux-hosted, custom music, SourceMod, etc.)

Discussion in 'Events' started by Weasel, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. Weasel

    Weasel Noob

    This server is still mostly "under-construction", as I test-out various SourceMod plug-ins to see which ones that I normally use for TF2 might work on TF2C.

    The connection information for the server is:

    I am looking for some good custom/3rd-party maps to add to the rotation - generally of the CTF or CP variety (i.e not DM maps).

    Here are some details about this new server:
    • Location: Dallas, Texas, USA
    • Hosting: NFOServers.com (as a VPS, presumably not a supported game/mod yet!)
    • Host OS: Linux, specifically Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
    • MetaMod:Source: Version 1.10.6 (current stable version)
    • SourceMod: Version 1.8.0 (git build 5916+)
    Here are the in-game features (mostly delivered through SourceMod plug-ins) we currently have working:
    • Player staticstical tracking, using the GameMe service (similar to HLStatsX:CE). Click for Sample Stats.
    • Automatically downloaded custom in-game music, played on a pre-scheduled basis. This works through a combination of the "sm_downloader" and "cronjobs" plug-ins.
    • A feature to "opt-out" of the play-back of the custom music (!soundoff, etc.). This works through the use of an alternative music play-back plug-in ("playopt").
    • Some features are restricted to members of our Steam Community Group (which is free and open to all). This is delivered by the "Steam Group Admins" plug-in.
    • Basic SourceMod "voting" functions (for members of our Steam Community Group).
    • Various in-game hints that pop-up in the chat (about various commands that can be used, etc.). This works through the "advertisements" plug-in.
    • In-game commands to open various reference web-pages (which are mostly under-construction). This works through the "webshortcuts" plug-in.
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