TF2 Classic Item Values for Hammer (tf_weaponspawner)

Discussion in 'Other' started by unconnected, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. List of Item Values for Hammer. Some values won't be included because you can choose this easily through the weapon tab. Will be updated now and then
    Values:0 - Nothing. I'm not kidding, it's literally nothing.1 - Scout's Bat2 - Demo-Man's Bottle3 - Pyro's Fire Axe4 - Sniper's Kurki? Kurirki? Kururr...6 - Spy's Butterfly Knife7 - Heavy's Fists8 - Soldier's Shovel9 - Engineer's Wrench10 - Medic's Bonesaw11, 13 & 14 - Shotgun(s) for either Heavy, Soldier, or Engineer19 - Medic's Syringe Gun20 - Spy's Tranq. Gun23 - Demo-Man's Stickybomb Spammer Launcher25-33, 35 & 36 - Grenades!34 - Nothing38 - Scout's Pistol39 - Spy's Revolver40 - Scout's Nail-Gun (While in thirdperson when shooting, it shows this strange drinking animation)41 - Nothing again...42 - Engineer's PDA Build43 - Engineer's PDA Destroy44 - Spy's Disguise Kit45 - Engineer's Build Box (Crashes game upon being touched, would recommend to not use) (Can cause the game to possibly crash?)46 - Medic's Medi-Gun47-52 - Nothing, once again...53 - Unusable Disguise Kit54 - Flag (ALT-FIRE)55 - Different Sten Gun56 - Soldier's RPG57 - Demo-Man's Cyclops58 - Medic's Overhealer59 - Sniper's Fishwhacker60 - Medic's Shotgun61 - The Poacher's Pride62 - Civilian's Umbrella63 - Medic's Kritzkreig64 - Medic's Ubersaw65 - Demo-Man's Flare Gun66 - You found NOTHING!70 - CHAINSAW!!!71 - ??? - Nothing, I'm gonna end it here. You're on your own for finding other weapons/items past that pointTo be continued...?<div>
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