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    For a long time, a team called Team gabeN was working on restoring TF2 Invasion from its sourcecode, which was leaked along with HL2 and CSS. Eventually it was cancelled, but it was also eventually leaked. It came with some test maps, 2 really bad versions of 2Fort, and a new unique map, proto_artic. The Humans spawn at a military base-like area and the Aliens spawn on a stuck ship. The setting is, go figure, an artic like area. Here's some screenshots that I put on my steam cloud, check them out! <--- The Humans spawn <--- The Aliens spawn

    My idea is that it would be very good as a CTF map if it was shortened a bit (It's way to big as is)
  2. Are there any overview shots? I like to make random maps often based on previous stuffs. An overview shot would make it a million times easier to work on though.

    I'd have to add more cover and obstructions though, as at the moment it's a bit too open-looking. And when I say overview I mean something like this- [​IMG]


    There's a map built into the leak, but I can't take a screenshot and press the TAB button to take a screenshot of it, I'll try to find a way.
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