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    Migration of the TF2 servers to the new serverbox is now complete!

    You may have noticed we've decided to slim down some; the following servers have been migrated, the others will be shut down at the end of the month when we cancel the box.

    • Dustbowl (
    • Prophunt (
    • Payload (
    • UGC Map of the week (
    • Mod of the Month (
    Mod of the month is currently running slender fortress, and what I would like to do is cycle mods on a monthly basis, starting the end of december. You can expect to see things like dodgeball, freezetag, vs saxton hale, and other mods we were running on Srs Bsns.
    This decision is because on their own, the mods aren't popular enough to warrant their own servers, but I'm hoping that on a monthly cycle it may attract more interest as people join for a mod they like and try out others.

    At this point, the old servers will be slowly decommissioned with notices so that people can transition.

    If there are any questions or concerns, or problems, let me know!
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