TF2 Server Rentals for the masses! (Whaaaa???!)

Discussion in 'News/Announcements' started by VintagePC, Jan 19, 2014.

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    Hey folks, your favourite penguin here!

    I'm pleased to announce that we're ready to begin some wider-scale testing of our new "server bookings for the public" feature!

    For those of you wondering what that is... it means you can book your very own TF2 server for up to 4 hours... you'll get full RCON control, and the server is entirely yours to do with as you see fit (within reason, of course).

    Not only that, you get to do that up to 4 TIMES PER WEEK*! That's 16 HOURS/week of tf2 goodness all to yourself! The only restriction we have is that no more than 2 servers may run simultaneously* at any given time, so please respect others' use of the system.

    *(These limits may be adjusted depending on resource availability and demand, please remember these booked servers are sharing the same physical hardware as both our permanent servers and our competitive teams' servers).

    Right now, the servers come with a stock rollout of TF2, plus sourcemod and metamod for your admin-ing needs, as well as a selection of UGC maps and configurations, and MGEmod to cater to the PUG and lobby-lovers out there. :) Other maps, plugins, and mods may become available in the future by popular request - so if there's something you'd like to see added, request below.

    Updates to TF2 and SM/MM are handled by us... and won't interrupt your server either. If TF2 is updated while you've got an active booking, your server will remain up (and not be updated) ensuring uninterrupted gameplay. If your booking is scheduled to go live AFTER an update is released... your personal server will be up to date with the latest version of TF2, all ready to go!

    What do we ask in return?
    Simply that you be a VaultF4 supporter with a monthly subscription... this and all of our other supporter perks can be yours for just $4/mo.


    We are requiring supporter status to ensure continued quality of this service - what we're hoping is that by the time the restrictions of 2 simultaneous servers and the weekly limit become a problem, we'll have enough regular users and subscribers that we'll be able to put all of the supporter income towards more hardware to expand the service and relax those restrictions! (In perspective: just 10 people at $4/month means we could look at purchasing a second physical server, in a little over a year... DOUBLING our overall server capacity and allowing us to migrate this service over and significantly increase the number of simultaneous servers to something insane, like 6, 8, 10, or more, and also up the number of servers you get per week!)

    If you have an active subscription, you can take it for a spin over at the Public Booking page (also found in the 'Support VF4 menu').

    As we're still developing this there may be a few kinks, so please feel free to report any problems below or to me via PM and I'll resolve them as soon as I can.
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