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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lonesome killer, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. lonesome killer

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    I have decided to start doing something that my mom started when I was in about the 3rd grade. Choose a local school and find the principal's contact info. Send them an email stating that you want to get some gifts for a less fortunate child. Have them choose one and tell you if there is anything specific they need like pants or shoes. Have the principal give you some anonymous info, like the shoe size, pant size, age, and gender, and any favorites the person may have like a cartoon character or a band. Also offer to give the items and wrapping paper straight to the principal so they can wrap it themselves if they have any concerns that you may try to put something in the gift. Then have them give it to the child or parents as a gift from "Santa."

    You can go to Walmart and buy quite a few things with $50. A lot of kids are demanding and want iPads and Xbox's for Christmas, but the children that would be receiving these gifts are so happy with just getting a long sleeve shirt, a pair of pants and shoes that it will bring you to tears, and if it doesn't then you have no soul.

    I'm going with $50 spending limit myself. If you do want to do this then you should start ASAP. When I messaged the principal she referred me to the school's social worker. You want to make sure you have enough time to get the information and shop before Christmas (or whatever holiday you choose).
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  2. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered

    I posted this on Facebook and not a single friend even acknowledged it. But when people were spamming that Ice Bucket challenge everyone was happy to do it. :(

    Anyway Happy Holidays everyone, what ever you celebrate! Remember to be thankful for what you have.
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  3. English

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    That's pretty awesome Lonesome. I am gonna reach out to a local elementary school here. :) Thanks for the idea
  4. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered

    Hurry! Only a few days left before Christmas. And if you can't make it Christmas, well they are always looking for support the entire year. There are lots of needy families and the social programs can only do so much.
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