[Story Progression] The Great Library of Tephu

Discussion in 'Mummy's Mask' started by Statboy, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. Statboy

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    Aech: There is a trap, but it has previously gone off and not been reset. As you open the door you see a softly lit hallway. Books, scrolls, and tablets are stuffed into shelves on the walls. The hallway shortly becomes an intersection, the 3 branching directions each descending at a 45 degree angle. In the center of the hallway sits a large pile of bones, with a cage made of bones suspended 10 feet above it. Inside the cage is a small humanoid figure dressed all in black like the men you ran into on the roof, he lies motionless in the cage.
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  2. theLumberJack

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    Spirit Zanros looks out into the void of the chaotic Maelstrom. Aghast by the fickleness of the cerulean void, Zanros begins to wonder if he had just took too big a hit of pipeweed as this nightmare continues.
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