The Order: 1886 details released - 3d person adventure game

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    For those who have been wondering what this game was since its announcement for the PS4, we finally have details today. For starters, it is a Third-person adventure game in the vein of Uncharted. For some basics, here is a quote from the article: "The titular Order refers to a group dating to the Middle Ages who have carried on a millenium-long war with half-breeds who have some beast blood in them."

    For those wanting to know more backstory behind the game, check out this video:

    The game is apparently set to have a decently high graphic fidelity at 30 fps. The developers reasoned the game played better at 30 fps than 60 fps.

    Here is a quick gif Kotaku created for the gameplay:

    I have to say with more details being released, I am interested in the game. I want to see more in the future before I make my mind up on it.

    For the full article:


    Here is an actual gameplay video:
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