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Discussion in 'Archives' started by CaptSpiffy, Nov 8, 2012.

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    The Ship is easily one of my favorite games in the last few years. It's a fun, ridiculous, and gruesome multiplayer game where your goal is to murder your target before your hunter murders you, and without being seen. It's very similar to the multiplayer of Assassin's Creed 2/Brotherhood/Revelations/3, where you have a target that you have to kill while you are someone else's target. The only difference is that your score is determined by the rarity of your weapon, rather than the style of your kill. For instance, somewhere on the ship there's a flare gun. usually a kill with this weapon is worth about $8000, while something absurdly common, like a pool cue is only worth $100. Now, the more a weapon is used, the less it's worth, and the value depreciates VERY quickly. So, the first kill with the flare gun might be worth $8000, but the second is only worth about $2000. Using one weapon also makes others more valuable. I haven't quite figured out the whole of the monetary change, but whatever.

    There are also some Sim-like elements. Your character will get hungry, lonely, mentally bored, thirsty, dirty, and have to use the toilet. Not doing these things makes your character more obvious to others that you are an actual player, and not just an NPC. THIS IS A VERY BAD THING. The most noticeable is if your character is dirty, they will have a swarm of flies circling them.

    Nerdcubed recently posted a video of The Ship gameplay:

    There's a group of us on Teamspeak who have The Ship and are almost always willing to play, as long as we're not in League.

    The Ship is available here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/2400/ for $19.99.

    The Ship: Full Steam Ahead is trying to raise money to be made via Kickstarter, and looks like it'll be pretty amazing. If you pledge £12 or more you get a full version of The Ship: Full Steam Ahead. Kickstarter also automatically does the currency conversion for you, but that's roughly $19 US.
    They're trying to raise £128,000 by December 30 in order to get this game made.

    I really hope that they do manage to raise the money they need, because this game is AMAZING, and a sequel would be great.
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    I pledged. I like the concept of the original game, though I've only played 1 match online and didn't know what I was doing. I've been meaning to get into it. Anyone wanna play?
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