[Indie] The Stanley Parable

Discussion in 'Archives' started by African Grey, Oct 19, 2013.

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    This game just came out two days ago. I heard about it a week ago and played the demo then. It's based on a mod that was made almost three years ago and was a little popular at the time. It uses the source engine but it's a well designed game. It's short and dialogue based, but sort of like Portal but with the emphasis on other things instead of puzzles.

    I can't say anything about the game without giving it away and I recommend not looking up any gameplay videos because that would ruin the experience for you more than anything. The demo is free and the game is on sale right now for around $12.00.

    It's pretty awesome I think. It's a bit of a parody of other games like it, short indie games that try to play with the concept of free will and other things. Someone compared it once to like playing a game inside the Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy.

    Here's a few trailers:

    This is a joke one made after an email they got. There are a few slight references to this guy in the demo:

    Here's a playthrough of the demo. If you're not up to playing that much yourself:

    If for some reason you want to play a less interesting but very similar free version of the game, there's always the original mod.
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    stanley stanley stanley stanley stanley stanley stanley stanley
  3. Geoff

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    Yep, I just got the game, will be playing tonight if my throat isn't hurting too bad.
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