The Syringe (Weapon idea)

Discussion in 'Other' started by UnitedDucks, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. Medic melee weapon based on the Ubersaw from live TF2

    +Gives 10% Ubercharge on hit (10 hits)
    -Only does 25 damage on hit


    +Gives 20% Ubercharge on hit (5 hits)
    -25 less max health
  2. Jboby1

    Jboby1 Banhammered

    The Ubersaw is already in-game.
  3. Are the stats and/or design for the TF2C Ubersaw any different from the live TF2 version?
  4. Jboby1

    Jboby1 Banhammered

    The design is, yes, but the stats are identicle.
  5. I feel they should use syringe as ubersaw too :T
  6. On my thought I think that the Syringe would become a melee.
    Here is how I think it should act like.
    On hit on ally:Ally gets healed to the max overheal and ubered for 5 seconds.
    Notes:The syringe recharges the uber and heal slowly.
    -60 damage dealt.
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