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    Hi, I'm Kael, one of the founders of GMRZ.TV.
    Dear admin, this is not a spam or advertisement but asking for support to be able to serve better the gamers.

    We want to create the world's first 24/7 TV channel about gaming and develope a unique system to provide the viewers full control over the content. You will decide everything, what, when, how will be streamed. You get experience by interacting with the channel then advance in levels to unlock different skills. These skills will give you the driving wheel. You will be able to vote on everything, promote your favourite casters or maybe become a caster if you want.

    If you beleive you and all the gamerz deserve a gaming TV channel that provides high quality content, then please support us by:
    1. Visit the Kickstarter page
    2. Spread the word, like post it on Reddit, Facebook, Twitch or wherever you think we should be mentioned.
    3. If you like the rewards, back the project. At the bottom line money will decide our success. :D

    We really want to know your opinion about the project. Our team members or me personally will check back to answer your questions.
    You may join us on our Twitch channel today (27.07.2014 - GMT: 20:00) - Actually happening right now.
    We will be on Twitch main site also from GMT 20:30. You will be able to ask from me personally about the project.

    Thank you for your attention and we are ready for your suggestions!
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