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    We all have at least one person in our lives that made us who we are today. A person who changed the way we approached things, or our thought processes.

    For me, it was Dr. Jerome Small at Youngstown State University. I purposely altered my class schedule for 4 semesters in a row in order to take classes with him. He really encouraged the students to think outside the box, not by memorizing definitions and case studies, but by teaching the general concepts and having us apply them to relatable scenarios. I still remember every story he told and every lesson I learned from him. It is because of this professor, that I am able to "read" how my patients today are feeling outside of the typical definitions of their diagnoses.

    Who changed your life for better or for worse?
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    My High School Physics professor Mr Cassibo.
    Before him i had enjoyed math and science and tech, but after him he instilled in me not just the practical basis of understanding of how everything in the universe is connected, but that if you start with that basis you can work backwards and solve most if not all of the problems that physics and even life can throw at you.
    If life gets complicated, look for whats connected, then work it out.
    I'm already retired following his advice.
    He really knew what he was talking about.
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